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Damon Albarn was ‘cast into social media abyssafter Taylor comments

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Damon Albarn says he was 'cast into the social media abyss' after being inundated with abuse from Taylor Swift's fans for falsely claiming she 'doesn't write her own songs'Taylor hit back at the Blur frontman's claim...

Bodybuilder says ‘passive aggressivecomments surprised her most

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Woman who became a competitive bodybuilder during lockdown reveals friends said she would become 'a super tanned chick who looks like a man'Erin Rhone, van Brisbane, turned to competitive bodybuilding in lockdown Th...

Lady Victoria Hervey seen in LA after ITV Epstein documentary comments

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Prince Andrew's ex Lady Victoria Hervey, 44, is seen walking her dog in LA after bombshell appearance in ITV Epstein documentary - in which she said Ghislaine Maxwell went 'fishing' for girls and she was used as 'bai...

Heydon Prowse sparks outrage with anti-Australia comments

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British TV host sparks fury in Australia by claiming 'brunch and casual RACISM' are the country’s biggest exports and slamming the country's lack of climate change actionHeydon Prowse compared Australia to wasteland ...

CHRISTA D’SOUZA blasts George Clooney’s comments about turning 60

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Alledaagse Ageisme: CHRISTA D'SOUZA says George Clooney's comments about turning 60 are exactly what keeps the flag of ageism aloftGeorge Clooney said 'turning 60 is a bummer. But it's that or dead' Christa D'Souza say...

DOW drops 500 points after Jerome Powell’s Omicron comments

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Stocks plummet over Omicron fears: Dow drops 500 points as Fed Chair Jerome Powell warns new super strain could keep people working from home, worsen inflation and force central bank to end bond buyingMarkets dropped...

Max Stafford-Clark admits ‘stupidityover lewd comments

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Top theatre director Max Stafford-Clark, 80, admits 'stupidity' after he was 'ousted' over lewd comments for 'telling a colleague, 29, he would have approached her 'like a rat up a drainpipe' if he was younger'Max St...

Woman says cleavage photo on LinkedIn sparked inappropriate comments

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Woman who posted a LinkedIn photo showing 'a little bit of cleavage' as an experiment says she faced 'sleazy comments' and 150 connection requests from men - and calls on site to do more to protect womenMaddy Alexand...

joop! stigter vra om verskoning na kommentaar 'verheerliking van misbruik van modelle’

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Die Duitse ontwerper Wolfgang Joop vra om verskoning nadat hy daarvan beskuldig is dat hy 'seksuele misbruik verheerlik' het deur die einde van die 'ligsinnige' era te betreur toe 'agentskappe modelle se kamersleutels aan 'ryk mans' Duitse modeontwerper gegee het..

Eddie Jones slammed for ‘nonsenseand ‘nastycomments about Raducanu

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Eddie Jones is slammed for 'nonsense' and 'nasty' comments about Emma Raducanu as fans leap to the US Open champion's defence after England coach said the teen has been 'on the front page of Vogue and wearing Christi...

Michael Vaughan ‘DID make racist comments’, claims Pakistani player

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Now Yorkshire bowler insists Michael Vaughan DID make racist comments to Asian players including 'there's too many of you lot' - hours after the England star issued a categorical denial as race storm growsRoger Hutto...

Gillian Keegan slaps down Jacob Rees-Mogg over mask comments

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Ministers at war over face masks: Gillian Keegan slaps down Jacob Rees-Mogg and says 'you can get Covid from anybody' after he claimed Tory MPs do not have to wear coverings in the Commons because they 'know each oth...

Doen 'n beroep dat LBC se Steve Allen afgedank word oor Tilly Ramsay-kommentaar

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'Een of ander kopernek vir 'n man wat lyk soos 'n duim wat deur 'n hamer geslaan is': Oproepe vir LBC-gasheer Steve Allen, 67, afgedank te word nadat hy die Strictly-ster Tilly Ramsay vet-beskaam het, 19, in die nuutste oor lugkontroversie aangesien Ofcom oorstroom is...

Mick Jagger makes playful dig at Paul McCartney after THOSE comments

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Mick Jagger hits back at Paul McCartney after The Beatle mocked The Rolling Stones saying ‘he is going to join us in the blues cover band’The Rolling Stones played in front of a celeb-filled audience at SoFi Stadium ...

Crime commissioner quits after women’s safety ‘street-wise’ kommentaar lewer

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North Yorkshire crime commissioner quits after coming under fire for saying women should be 'street-wise' in wake of Sarah Everard murderJulian Smith said women have lost trust in Philip Allott following his comments...

Katie Couric admits to editing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s negative comments

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EKSKLUSIEF: Katie Couric covered up RBG's dislike for taking the knee: Anchor says she edited 2016 interview to 'protect' the justice after she said people who kneel are showing 'contempt for a government that made a ...

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