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New post-Brexit rules could create jobs and boost coastal communities

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Fishing boat crews must be 70% Britannico: New post-Brexit rules could help create jobs and boost coastal communities... but critics say it 'feels like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic'New post-Brexit rules set to ...

Covid cases in Aboriginal communities moved by army to quarantine

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Inside the town with world's strictest lockdown where residents are bundled into vans and driven to a quarantine camp, banned from going for a WALK or buying food - as Indigenous elders issue a frightening warningTer...

Abandoned Devon cottage filled with photo slides of tribal communities

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Abandoned Devon cottage filled with photo slides of tribal communities from around the world is found by urban explorerThe abandoned cottage in Devon was filled with photos of tribal communities Colin Smith, da Ham ...

Sarah Sands found peace in some of the most isolated communities

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Want to feel really rich? Live like a monk: As Editor of Today on Radio 4, Sarah Sands' days were a whirl of breaking news and social demands. Then she walked away — and found true peace in some of the world's most i...

Vaccines Minister ‘very concernedat jab uptake in BAME communities

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Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi says he is 'very concerned' about levels of vaccination in BAME communities and urges social media companies to do more to tackle anti-vax contentNadhim Zahawi said he is 'very concern...

Jamaal Bowman defends defunding the police in poor communities

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Newest 'Squad' member - who represents some of NYC's wealthiest suburbs - defends the Defund the Police movement as a call for 'dramatic reduction' in law enforcement in 'poor communities' amid Big Apple crime surgeR...