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The Apprentice: Cruise ship logo compared to TURD while Harry is fired

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The Apprentice UK: The men go overboard during first task as their cruise ship logo is compared to a TURD - while Harry Mahmood is first to be fired in explosive opening show The Apprentice returned with a splash on ...

Delta Airlines Karen compared herself to Rosa Parks before viral fight

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'What am I, Rosa Parks?' Delta Airlines 'Karen' who was once a Playboy model and Baywatch actress compared herself to Civil Rights icon when she was told to wait to sit down on plane before viral fightPatricia Cornwa...

Jeffrey Epstein het 'aandele met vroue vergelyk’ in die tronk, selmaat onthul

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Jeffrey Epstein het 'aandele met vroue' vergelyk, sê selmaat Bill Mersey, wat beweer die pedofiele miljardêr het sy 'laaste maaltyd' op die vloer van sy sel geëet voordat hy homself doodgemaak het. Epstein het gesê 'jy moet vroue bestudeer om te sien..

Suid-Afrika se Covid-gevalle skiet toe 289% vergeleke met verlede Sondag

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Suid-Afrika se Covid-oplewing duur voort: Vandag se sake vuurpyl 289% in vergelyking met verlede Sondag met 11,125 nuwe infeksies wat aangeteken is as hospitalisasies begin toeneem ook Nasionale Instituut vir Oordraagbare Siektes 11,...

Cabinet Office inclusivity trainer compared Israel to Nazis

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Anti-racism trainer who ran 'inclusivity' workshop for civil servants at Cabinet Office wished death on 'Zionists' in Twitter post and compared Israel to 'white supremacy'Anti-racism trainer who ran Cabinet Office 'i...

Lib Dem election hopeful compared Boris Johnson to HITLER over Brexit

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EKSKLUSIEF: By-election battle in Owen Paterson's old seat turns nasty as it emerged that Lib Dem hopeful compared Boris Johnson to HITLER over Brexit - while Tory favourite to win North Shropshire is criticised for a...

UK Covid cases rise by a quarter compared to last Saturday’s data

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Covid cases rise by a quarter on last week: Britse rekords 38,351 infections in a day as deaths increase by two to 157Department of Health posted 38,351 nuwe infeksies vandag, op 24.95 persent op die 30,693 last Saturday...

1,800 more roads across UK valued at £1m-plus compared with a year ago

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Rise of the £1m streets: Byna 1,800 more roads across Britain valued at £1 million-plus compared with a year agoThe UK has 11,673 streets where the average home is valued at over £1million Zoopla found the South Ea...

Supermarket loyalty schemes including Nectar and Clubcard compared

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New Nectar scheme claims to save shoppers £200 a year: We compare six supermarket discount deals to see which gives the best offersThe new discount scheme says it will give customers 30% off certain products Shopper...

Covid cases plummet by 39 persent tot 48,161 compared to last week

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Covid cases plummet by 39 persent tot 48,161 compared to last week in fresh sign of optimism that delta wave is easingCoronavirus cases across the UK have fallen by nearly 40 persent in 'n week, dipping below 30,000 ...

Grand Designs revisits concrete house Kevin compared to a car park

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The Grand Design that proved Kevin McCloud wrong! Presenter revisits £1million concrete home he compared to a 'car park' - and admits he's 'blown away' by how it's become a welcoming family homeAdrian and Megan Corri...

Portugal’s beaches are deserted compared to last week as Britons flee

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It's a Faro cry from last week: Portugal's beaches are deserted compared to this time last week after Britons fled to avoid UK quarantine rulesBritish holidaymakers had flocked to Portugal after it was put on Covid g...

Britain’s Covid cases rise 8.7% aan 1,882 compared with last Sunday

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Britain's Covid cases rise 8.7% aan 1,882 compared with last Sunday while deaths increase from seven to 101,882 people have tested positive for Covid-19 - a 8.7% rise on last Sunday 10 fatalities recorded today 43% ...

US is seeing 4% more Covid cases a day compared to last week

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US Covid cases increase 4% compared to last week as variants spread and Spring Breakers party but vaccinations are set to flatten the curve like Israel's did when UK 'super-Covid' became dominant in JanuaryUS recorde...

Home sales surged by nearly 50% last month compared to year before

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Home sales surged by nearly 50% last month compared to year before as buyers rushed to beat stamp duty holiday deadline, figures showSome 147,050 transactions took place in February 2021 - 48.5 per cent increase Stam...

This week is nothing compared to age when snow pulled down trees

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Dink jy HIERDIE week is koud? It's nothing compared to the age when snow pulled down trees, there were icebergs in the Bristol Channel... and it lasted for SEVEN decades Staring fearfully into the night sky, de ...

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