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Jeffrey Epstein used last days alive complaining about orange jumpsuit

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Jeffrey Epstein used his last days alive to complain about his orange jumpsuit and 'being treated like a bad guy' even though he did not do anything wrong in prison: Records show he 'conned' jail staff into believing...

Gaste word as rassisties bestempel’ nadat hy oor vlugtelinge by die hotel gekla het

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Verbaasde vakansiegangers sê dat hulle deur die personeel as rassiste gebrandmerk is nadat hulle gekla het oor afghaanse kindervlugtelinge wat oproer het by die historiese Grand Hotel in Scarborough..

Woman lures a dog into NYC traffic after complaining it was unleashed

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Woman tries to lure dog into traffic on NYC street after berating its Asian owner for walking it without a leash and threatening to call policeInitially posted on Reddit's PublicFreakout page, the video begins with t...

Huw Edwards deletes tweet complaining about the BBC being ‘lectured

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'It's vexing': Huw Edwards deletes tweet complaining about the BBC being 'lectured' by other parts of the media over lies and cover-up surrounding Diana interviewHuw Edwards said it is 'vexing' that 'certain parts of...

Five-year-old penned a letter complaining about plastic straws

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Proud mother is accused of FAKING viral post after sharing letter sent by her five-year-old 'activist' daughter to a drinks manufacturer asking to 'ditch plastic straws' as trolls say the writing is too neat and spel...

Unemployed mother complaining about finances in her marriage

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Unemployed mother whose husband complains about paying for everything and won't give her an allowance is warned he's 'financially abusive' - but others insist she shouldn't expect extra spending moneyUK-based mother ...

Onderwyser ontplof ‘ryk wit ouers’ kla van kinders’ geestesgesondheid

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Onderwyseres van Oakland sê 'ryk wit ouers' wat kla oor hul kinders se geestesgesondheid terwyl skole gesluit is, het hul kinders MEER geregtig gemaak en blameer hulle vir die toename in angs. Bethany Meyer is 'n spe ...

Texts reveal Armie Hammer complaining about being ‘kink shamed

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EKSKLUSIEF: Explicit messages and audio recordings reveal Armie Hammer complaining about being 'kink shamed by the internet,' boasting about his sexual prowess and claiming that women are offering to let him 'eat piec...

Chinese actor sparks outrage complaining surrogates can’t abort baby

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Chinese actress, 29, dropped as the face of Prada after she complained her two US surrogates couldn't abort their babies when she broke up with her boyfriendPopular Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, 29, has been accused ...

Trump releases 46-minute video complaining about the election

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White House releases 46-minute 'address' by Donald Trump complaining about losing the election and pleading with the Supreme Court to OVERTURN Joe Biden's defeat and whining: 'It's statistically impossible that I los...