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Stella Creasy takes her baby to late-night awards show

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Now Stella Creasy takes her 13-week-old son to late-night awards show before appearing on Lorraine today (without a baby) amid Commons childcare row after she was banned from bringing him into debateWalthamstow MP wa...

Sella Creasy: You can’t bring a child to Parliament, says CLARE FOGES

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As a mother of three toddlers, I say to Stella Creasy: Geen, you can't bring your second job to Parliament, writes CLARE FOGES Order! Order! The Speaker of the House of Commons could soon be chastising real toddlers – ...

Stella Creasy claims she was ‘kicked offan empty bus

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MP Stella Creasy claims London bus driver 'shouted' at her and 'kicked her off' with her two children because there were two pushchairs already on boardStella Creasy, 44, explained she tried to get bus with 'two stru...

MP Stella Creasy tells unborn child to ‘hang on in there

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Pregnant Labour MP Stella Creasy, 44, urges her unborn child to 'hang on in there' and says she's 'fighting her body as hard as she can' as she reveals she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetesLabour & Co-...