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Deported foreign criminals returned to Britain, reveals Sue Reid

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Deported from Britain... and then it's straight back again: Last year Priti Patel hailed deal with Albania to kick out foreign criminals but as SUE REID reveals, they don't stay away for longAleks Vishaj, 32, slipped...

Criminals follow delivery drivers to steal Xmas gifts from doorsteps

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Geopenbaar: How criminals are following delivery drivers to steal Christmas gifts from doorsteps Out for lunch earlier this month, Hannah Power received a message on her phone to say that a parcel containing £300 worth...

New Bill of Rights could stop foreign criminals avoiding deportation

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New Bill of Rights is to curtail the ability of foreign criminals to dodge deportation on human rights groundsNew Bill of Rights Act could curb foreign criminals' ability to appeal deportation The new bill would als...

Masked criminals throw drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jail

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Moment masked criminals invade back gardens to throw packages of drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jailMasked criminals filmed throwing drugs over 20ft prison wall to inmates in jail Residents have told how t...

Shocking figures reveal 129 criminals become double lifers in 10 jare

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Jailed 'for life' but freed to kill again: Shocking new data reveals that 129 criminals have joined the ranks of ‘double-lifers’ in just 10 yearsControversy continues over criminals jailed for life who are freed from...

New book Queens of the Underworld reveals Britain’s female criminals

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The Gangster Girls: From 17th century swashbuckling pickpocket called 'Moll Cutpurse' to 'poker faced' West End mobster who led shop-breaking gang in 1930s London... new book reveals Britain's TOUGHEST female crimina...

Wronged Subpostmasters branded criminals, tronk toe gestuur, driven to suicide

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Delivered into hell: Wronged Subpostmasters were branded criminals, jailed and even driven to suicide - all thanks to a failed Post Office IT system... now a shattering new book reveals the true human cost Between so...

Pfizer CEO calls people who spread vaccine misinformation ‘criminals

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'They have literally cost millions of lives': Pfizer CEO calls people who spread misinformation about Covid vaccines 'criminals'Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla said to a D.C. think tank on Tuesday that those who spread mi...

Regseise is ingedien om te keer dat meer Jamaikaanse misdadigers gedeporteer word

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Regseise word ingedien om te keer dat meer Jamaikaanse misdadigers gedeporteer word Regseise om te keer dat Jamaikaanse misdadigers gedeporteer word, word reeds ingedien Oor 50 Buitelandse burgers moet aan boord van die binnelandse kantoor vlieg...

Parole Board chief given extra payments as panel was freeing criminals

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£10k bonus for official in John Worboys row: Parole Board chief was given extra payments while panel was freeing some of Britain's most evil criminalsMartin Jones, head of the Parole Board, was given bonuses of up to...

Foreign criminals on our streets soar to a record 11,000

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Foreign criminals on our streets soar to a record 11,000: Four are released every on average... with 'staggering' number freed into community while awaiting deportation, new figures showFigures show at the end of Jun...

PRITI PATEL: We HAVE to stop these criminals laughing in our face

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PRITI PATEL: We HAVE to stop these criminals laughing in our face As Home Secretary, keeping the public safe is my number one priority. A key part of that mission is removing people who come to this country, abuse ou...

Jamaican criminals block deportation bid with last-gasp legal battle

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Thirty criminals dodge deportation flight to Jamaica: Crooks frustrate bid to deport them with last-minute legal challengesOver 30 Jamaican criminals lodge last-minute legal challenge to deportation First Home Offic...

Labour’s bid to halt ‘racistflight to deport 50 misdadigers

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Labour's bid to halt 'racist' flight to deport 50 misdadigers: Two child rapists and a murderer are among those on Jamaica jet that some MPs want groundedThe Home Office is attempting to fly out up to 50 Jamaican natio...

ALAN RUSBRIDGER: Government wants laws may make journalists criminals

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Former Guardian editor ALAN RUSBRIDGER: It beggars belief that a government led by a former journalist wants laws that would make criminals of... journalists The great Sunday Times editor Harold Evans was once brande...

Vroulike misdadigers bestempel die 'undominated’ geopenbaar

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Skandalige lewens van Franse hofdienaars uit die 19de eeu ontbloot: 'N Geheime grootboek in die argiewe van die polisie in Parys verklap hoe 'n mens haarself kaal op 'n skottel aangebied het tydens etepartytjies, terwyl 'n danser mans uit hul lot bedrieg het..

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