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Il giudice Thomas sbatte gli sforzi per "impacchettare o impilare".’ conto

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Il giudice Thomas sbatte gli sforzi per "impacchettare o impilare".: Il giudice Thomas sbatte gli sforzi per "impacchettare o impilare"..

Walking Dead star criticizes rise of wokeism in Hollywood casting

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Walking Dead star criticizes rise of wokeism in Hollywood casting and says roles should not solely be given to actors with 'lived experience' but considered on a 'case-by-case basis'Lennie James said he would 'challe...

Boss criticizes waitress for calling out due to sister being in a COMA

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Restaurant employee who called out of work after learning her sister was in a coma and DYING slams boss who criticized her for only giving two hours' notice: 'Jesus Christ, read the room'Hillary Zinks, a makeup artis...

‘TransphobicMargaret Atwood criticizes gender neutral words

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Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood is branded transphobic for sharing newspaper op-ed blasting gender neutral language that's used to replace the word 'woman'The 81-year-old author on Tuesday retweeted an article...

Obama ethics chief criticizes Psaki for dodging Hunter art questions

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'These are legitimate questions': Obama's ethics chief criticizes Jen Psaki for dodging questions on Hunter Biden's art and says if it was 'Trump, Xi Jinping or Putin' then it would 'absolutely' be seen as an effort ...

Michaela Strachan criticizes £2250 quarantine hotel

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'Day One in posh prison!' Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan criticises £2,250 quarantine hotel after being 'watched by eight security guards' during a walk and served white bread for breakfastMichaela lives in ...

Marine in iconic Taliban firefight photo criticizes troop withdrawal

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ESCLUSIVO: US Marine in iconic Taliban firefight photo says government didn’t learn a thing from Saigon as Kabul crumbles and doesn’t care about the 2,378 Americans killed in Afghanistan or the locals who have been a...

Trump criticizes Biden for hiding at Camp David amid Taliban offensive

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'Someone should ask Joe, if they can find him': Trump questions what Biden will 'surrender to next' and criticizes him for hiding at Camp David after urging he resign over the Taliban's Afghanistan takeoverDonald Tru...

DC police union criticizes officials ‘who won’t let us do our job

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Cops offer $10K reward in hunt for car involved in Washington Nationals baseball shooting game that saw three people shot and play suspended - as police union complains violent crime has taken over DCPolice on Sunday...

CNN panel criticizes Kamala Harris‘cringeworthyborder response

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Now even CNN turn on Kamala: Panel criticizes VP's 'cringeworthy' and bafflingly unprepared response to questions about when she would visit the borderHarris' trip to Guatemala and Mexico this week was not seen as a ...

Carlson criticizes Justin Fairfax for Till and Floyd comparison

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Tucker Carlson leads criticism of Virginia's Lt Gov after he accused Democrat rivals of treating him 'like George Floyd or Emmett Till' for assuming he was guilty of a sexual assault in 2019Justin Fairfax was accused...

Janice Dean’s sister-in-law criticizes Cuomo’s nursing homes cover-up

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'You don't go to a nursing home to die': Janice Dean's sister-in-law hits out at Cuomo for 'cover up' after losing both parents to COVID in long-term care facilities - as poll shows 41% of New Yorkers think he has do...