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The moon’s crust may have formed from a ‘slushy’ magma ocean

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The moon's crust may have formed from a 'slushy' magma ocean that froze over hundreds of millions of years, study revealsResearchers created computer models on the chemical make-up of the rocks The team examined how ...

Earth’s crust was ‘hot and thin’ in the ‘Boring Billion’, study says

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The 'Boring Billion' wasn't so boring after all! Earth's crust 'shimmied' around 1,850 million-850 million years ago – a period previously known as the dullest time in our planet's history, study findsThe Boring Bill...

Melting polar ice is warping Earth’s CRUST, study warns

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Melting of polar ice isn't just causing sea levels to rise — it's also warping Earth's CRUST, with effects seen across thousands of miles, study warnsThe weight of ice sheets on continents depressed the crust beneath...

Mars’ ‘missing’ water could be lurking in the Martian crust

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Mystery of Mars' 'missing' water SOLVED: Scientists say up to 99% of the liquid that once flowed across the Red Planet could be hiding in the Martian crustIt was long believed that water on Mars escaped into space bi...