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Benedict Cumberbatch could put up refugees in his £4m Camden townhouse

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Benedict Cumberbatch vows to put up Ukrainian refugees after previously saying he couldn’t house Syrian asylum seeker in his five-bed £4m Camden home or two other flats because he had a babyActor, 45, het aan verslaggewers gesê ...

Benedict Cumberbatch shows power of the Brits as star up for Oscar

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Benedict Cumberbatch shows the power of the Brits: Cowboy star is up for Best Actor Oscar award against Will Smith, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington and Javier Bardem tonightCumberbatch is up for the Best Actor awa...

Oscars 2022: Benedict Cumberbatch looks disappointed as he misses out

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And the award DOESN'T go to! Benedictus Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst and Diane Warren fail to hide their disappointment as they miss out at Oscars The 94th annual Academy Awards ceremony saw an array of stars take home m...

Cumberbatch maak grappies oor 'geklop' wees’ deur Will Smith by Oscars op SNL

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'Ek is deur Will Smith geslaan... fisies nie!' Benedict Cumberbatch maak grappies oor die verlies teen Will Smith by die Oscars in SNL-monoloog Cumberbatch, 45, het geskerts oor hoe mense op die program blykbaar hom nie buite ken nie...

Budding actor, 12, who is a dead ringer of Benedict Cumberbatch

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What a Cumber-match! Budding actor, 12, who is a dead ringer for younger version of Benedict Cumberbatch, will play Sherlock star's son in Cold War thriller The CourierActor Keir Hills, 12, bears an uncanny resemblan...

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch says ‘we need to fix male behaviour

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'We need to fix male behaviour': Woke actor Benedict Cumberbatch calls for an end to 'toxic masculinity' and says men have to 'shut up and listen'Sherlock star made the comments in an interview for his new Netflix We...

Benedict Cumberbatch 'geliefd’ toesluit saam met sy gesin in Nieu-Seeland

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'Ons was so gelukkig!' Benedict Cumberbatch erken dat hy 'liefgehad het' van COVID-toesluit nadat hy saam met sy gesin by 'n luukse £1,700-per-nag Nieu-Seelandse lodge geïsoleer het Benedict Cumberbatch het sy gelukkige toesluit-ervaring in besonderhede uiteengesit..

[object Window] 2022: It’s Belfast vs Benedict Cumberbatch!

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[object Window] 2022: It's Belfast vs Benedict Cumberbatch! Brit Kenneth Branagh's movie earns eight nods while The Power Of The Dog bags 12 - but Academy comes under fire for lack of diversityTracee Ellis Ross and...

Benedict Cumberbatch responds to The Power of the Dog criticism

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Benedict Cumberbatch brands Sam Elliott's criticism of The Power of the Dog 'very odd' and says there is still 'a massive intolerance in the world at large towards homosexuality'Famed western actor Sam Elliott, 77, c ...

Benedict Cumberbatch wears a Ukraine pin at the BAFTA 2022 Filmtoekennings

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BAFTA 2022 Filmtoekennings: Leading actor nominee Benedict Cumberbatch wears a Ukraine pin on his classic tuxedo as his wife Sophie Hunter looks elegant in a gold gown It's one the most esteemed events in the social cale...

Benedict Cumberbatch says he hopes to take in Ukrainian refugees

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'We have brothers and sisters who are suffering': Benedict Cumberbatch says he hopes to take in Ukrainian refugees as he shares his support for the war-torn country at the BAFTAs Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed he ...