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Schoolboy jailed for life for stabbing 16-year-old boy to death

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Scolaro, 18, is jailed for life for stabbing 16-year-old boy to death as he tried to break up a fight between two womenStefan Draca, 18, murdered Rayon Pennycook, 16, in Corby, Northamptonshire Draca, chi era 17 un...

Princess Märtha ‘stuck in depressionfollowing death of Ari Behn

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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway says she was 'stuck in a pit of depression' following death of ex-husband Ari Behn who took his own life on Christmas Day in 2019Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has opened up about d...

Gang battered teen with baseball bats before stabbing him to death

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Gang who battered teenager, 19, with baseball bats before stabbing him to death on a BP garage forecourt after a feud with his friend are jailedPavandeep Daudher savagely beaten with baseball bats outside petrol stat...

Lecturer was ‘conned out of £200,000 before crossbow death

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Retired lecturer, 74, who was murdered with a crossbow 'was conned out of more than £200,000 over four years before he died by fraudster who posed as a property developer', court hearsGerald Corrigan, 74, befriended...

Bob Saget’s haunting final Instagram post hours before death

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Bob Saget, 65, said he was 'loving every minute of being back on stage' in haunting final Instagram post less than 24 hours before he was found dead in Florida hotel roomSources close to Saget, chi era 65, say he was...

I pubblici ministeri ritirano l'accusa di omicidio contro il marito per la morte della moglie nel lago

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Marito di madre di cinque figli, 35, trovato annegato in un lago viene rilasciato dalla custodia e si allontana dal tribunale dopo che i pubblici ministeri hanno ritirato l'accusa di omicidio contro di lui Andrius Vengalis è stato accusato di aver ucciso la moglie di origine lituana..

Alec Baldwin admits Halyna Hutchinsdeath is the ‘worst situation

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'No one wants the truth more than I do': Alec Baldwin admits Halyna Hutchins' tragic death is the 'worst situation he has ever been involved with'The actor, 63, accidentally fatally shot the cinematographer on the se...

Grieving father blames anti-vax videos on YouTube for daughter’s death

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'Anti-vax propaganda cost my daughter her life and YouTube must do more to remove it': Grieving father blames propaganda videos for the death of his young pregnant daughter from Covid after she was told jab 'would ki...

Widow reveals late husband’s coworker hit on her MONTH after death

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'Your husband is a lucky man... was': Widow shares nonstop flirty messages from her late spouse's co-worker, who begged her to go on a date a MONTH after her husband diedA Redditor posted screenshots of the incessant...

Sir Lindsay Hoyle called ‘loonyover claim of UK spy Diana death link

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Speaker of the Commons was called 'loony' over claims of UK spy link to Princess Diana death: Sir Lindsay Hoyle was branded 'publicity-mad' by No 10 officials after asking Tony Blair to comment on the rumour in 1998,...

Businesswoman who designs feminist t-shirts receives ‘death threats

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'Trans activists threatened to BOMB my studio': Lesbian entrepreneur gets 'daily death and rape threats' after JK Rowling plugged her feminist T-shirts on Twitter (but thanks author for sending her sales 'through the...

La star de Il Divo Carlos Marin ha chiamato l'ex moglie per salutarla prima della morte

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La star di Il Divo Carlos Marin "sapeva che non ce l'avrebbe fatta" e ha chiamato la sua ex moglie per "dire addio" prima di morire di Covid, rivela quando arriva alle pompe funebri nel "giorno più triste della sua vita" Geraldine Larrosa ...

NHS eyes pill that could HALVE death risk for prostate cancer patients

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NHS eyes revolutionary pill that could HALVE the risk of death for prostate cancer patientsHormone therapy taken by prostate cancer patients could halve the risk of death Study found Abiraterone is effective treating...

Bus driver, 73, found guilty of choking his 48-year-old wife to death

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Bus driver, 73, is found guilty of choking his 48-year-old wife to death after mocking her in a 'Punch and Judy' voice then telling police, 'I killed the b***h'Bus driver found guilty of choking his 48-year-old wife ...

Police seize death trap car found held together with DUCT TAPE

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Stick shift! Police seize learner driver's death trap Vauxhall Astra that was being held together with DUCT TAPEPolice seized a learner driver's car found held together with just duct tape Officers pulled over the gr...

Dad of Rust cinematographer slams Alec Baldwin over role in her death

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Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' dad insists Alec Baldwin is 'partly responsible' for accidentally shooting his daughter dead after star denied pulling triggerHalyna Hutchins' father, Anatoly Androsovych, slamme...