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Delivery driver was sacked after leaving mum a foul-mouthed voicemail

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Woman reveals takeaway delivery driver has been sacked after leaving a foul-mouthed voicemail branding her a 'stupid f*****r' when she drunkenly fell asleep and didn't answer the doorA mum revealed she was verbally a...

Woman raises $40,000 for elderly delivery driver

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Vrou, 21, whose doorbell camera captured heartbreaking footage of an elderly DoorDash driver struggling to get up her stairs tracks the 71-year-old widower down - and raises $40,000 to help him retireAnabelle Grace ...

Black delivery driver sues Greggs for racism

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Black delivery driver sues Greggs for racism after a colleague 'compared working for the chain to slavery' and he was 'told to pay for coffee while white staff got it for free'Black delivery driver Louis Richardson-C...

Die mens onthul hoe hy sy eie rug op 'creepy' gekry het’ Currys afleweringsbestuurder

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Man, 22, onthul hoe hy sy eie rug gekry het op 'n 'creepy' Currys afleweringsbestuurder wat sy swanger verloofde 'n SMS gestuur het deur hom voor te doen as sy en hom in 'n X-gegradeerde boodskapuitruiling te lei. Swanger Kacey Wheeler, van Bradford, Wes...

Smitten shoppers who can’t get enough of instant grocery delivery apps

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Shoppers who spend up to £280 a MONTH on instant grocery deliveries from apps such as Getir, Deliveroo and Amazon Fresh say they may 'never set foot in a supermarket again' - and price hikes are 'worth it for the con...

Jodel afleweringsbestuurder HURLS-pakket teen verstom huiseienaarsdeur

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Yodel delivery driver HURLS package against stunned homeowners front door in throw that 'smashes its contents'The delivery driver was caught flinging the item from the gate to the house door Kurt Pelz, a soldier in R...

MARKVERSLAG: Just Eat moves into grocery delivery with One Stop deal

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MARKVERSLAG: Just Eat teams up with corner shop chain One Stop as it continues push into grocery delivery market Food delivery firm Just Eat continued its expansion into the grocery market through a tie-up with cor...

Britons in self-isolation for Christmas struggle to get delivery slots

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'Looks like cereal for Christmas dinner then': Britons forced into self-isolation for festive period struggle to get last-minute delivery slots at major supermarketsPeople self-isolating having trouble getting food d...

VIDEO: Chinese delivery driver is flattened by a lump of ice

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Knocked out cold: Moment delivery man is flattened by a chunk of ice falling off a building in ChinaThe courier was looking at his phone in Jixi City in Heilongjang Province As he walked along the pavement, he did n...

Criminals follow delivery drivers to steal Xmas gifts from doorsteps

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Geopenbaar: How criminals are following delivery drivers to steal Christmas gifts from doorsteps Out for lunch earlier this month, Hannah Power received a message on her phone to say that a parcel containing £300 worth...

UberEats word die eerste afleweringsdiens wat kos na SPACE stuur

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UberEats word die eerste afleweringsdiens wat kos na SPACE stuur: Firma het met die Japannese miljardêr Yusaku Maezawa saamgespan om kos per hand aan ruimtevaarders te lewer op die ISSUberEats wat kos na die International Space St..

Experts warn Amazon crash ‘could impact already tight delivery model

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Could Amazon's global outage spark Christmas chaos? Experts warn huge crash 'could impact an already tight delivery model' - but retail giant dismisses fears of a delay to packagesTuesday's outage impacted Amazon dur...

Amazon delivery driver is sacked after he is filmed ‘opening packages

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Amazon delivery driver is sacked after he is filmed 'opening customers' packages' in his vanCaz Brown, 35, filmed the delivery driver opening packages outside her home Footage shows him sitting in his van in Newent...

Police release CCTV of bogus delivery driver who robbed couple

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Police release CCTV of bogus delivery driver in hunt for robbery gang who attacked homeowner and bound his hands with cable ties before stealing his £150,000 Bentley ContinentalPolice release CCTV of bogus delivery d...

Delivery firms ‘league tableshows courier companies underperforming

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Delivery firms shamed as 'league table' shows courier companies are underperforming... with Hermes coming last in the rankings while Amazon tops the listNone of the five couriers performed above 3.5 stars with Hermes...

Walmart testing autonomous delivery trucks in its Arkansas hometown

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Walmart is testing using fully driverless delivery trucks at its Arkansas headquarters to deal with the crushing labor shortage that's impacting its online grocery businessTwo trucks operate on a seven-mile loop, 12 ...

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