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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard demand arrest of ‘Asian MaradonaKarimi

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Iran's Revolutionary Guard call for arrest of 'Asian Maradona' footballer Ali Karimi over his support for protesters taking to the streets after woman, 22, was beaten to death for not wearing her hijab properlyIranian...

Far right demonstrators demand government overturns immigration policy

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Far right demonstrators demand British government overturns its immigration policy as Met police make arrest and keep them apart from 'anti-fascist' counter-demoHundreds turn out for pro-Putin, anti-immigration march ...

Protesters in Australia demand Monarchy is abolished

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'Our message to England and the Monarchy is to burn!' Protesters in Australia smear themselves in red paint and torch their national flag as they demand the Monarchy is abolished over 'stolen land'Demonstrations have ...

Three orphaned chimps snatched from sanctuary as gang demand ransom

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Three orphaned chimpanzees are snatched from a sanctuary in 'world's first ape kidnapping': Gang send 'proof of life videos' and threaten to decapitate animals unless six-figure ransom is sentGang seized the animals f...