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Democrat cities in red states vow to become ‘sanctuariesfor abortion

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More than two-thirds of Americans want Roe v. Wade upheld and majority favor access to abortion for any reason, new poll finds as Democrat cities in Republican states vow to become 'sanctuaries' for women wanting ter...

Two Democrat operatives say Hillary Clinton is ‘best option’ per 2024

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Hillary v Trump - the REMATCH: Two Democrat operatives say Clinton is the 'best option' to win in 2024 with Biden and Kamala's dire polls - paving the way for another showdown after 2016Clinton sparked 2024 rumors wi...

Facebook lobbyists ‘tried to smear whistleblower as partisan Democrat

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RIVELATO: Facebook lobbyists 'tried to smear whistleblower as a partisan Democrat' in calls to conservative lawmakers - as HALF the company's workers say they doubt it contributes to societal good in internal surveyF...

Democrat proposes legislation forcing men to have a vasectomy

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Male Democratic lawmaker proposes legislation to force men to have a vasectomy once they have had three kids or when they turn 40 - in response to Texas' abortion banAll men will be forced to have a vasectomy within ...

Sixth Texas Democrat tests positive for COVID-19

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SIXTH runwayTexas Democrat tests positive for COVID after packing onto $100K private jet without masks to flee the state for DC to avoid voting on new voting law billRepresentative Rhetta Bowers of Dallas on Monday c...

Maskless Democrat lawmakers who fled Texas test positive for COVID-19

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Three runaway Texas Democrats test positive for COVID after packing $100K private jet wearing NO masks for DC and meeting with Kamala Harris after sabotage of state's voting reform bill Three Texas Democrats who fled...

‘Washing our clothes in the sink’: Runaway Texas Democrat mocked

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‘Washing our clothes in the sink': Runaway Texas Democrat is mocked for sharing a picture of her clothes - including bra and leopard print panties - drying in the bathroom of her $200-a-night hotel bedroomDemocratic ...

Democrat Leahy warns Afghan translators could get murdered

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'We are going to see Afghan interpreters lined up against a wall and machine-gunned': Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy demands Biden get visas for translators and McConnell says Afghanistan is 'unraveling' amid troop...