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Delicious recipes designed to help you eat to live longer

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Delicious recipes designed to help you eat to live longer at every single mealGut health expert Dr Megan Rossi gives recipe ideas to help you live longer Includes gut-loving carrot cake, orange-glazed salmon and a pa...

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The £252m superyacht designed to look like a ‘superluxury skyscraper

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Nella foto: The stunning £252million superyacht designed to look like a ‘superluxury skyscraper’ that changes the skyline of each city it sails throughThe 'Malena', which measures 85ft from the waterline to the top of ...

La coppia padre-figlia lancia un sito di notizie progettato per attraversare Internet

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Perché una giovane donna ha lasciato la sua carriera pop per lavorare in un ufficio.... con suo padre (che non sapeva nemmeno cosa fosse un'app!): La coppia padre-figlia lancia un sito di notizie innovativo progettato per sfatare le bugie di InternetF...

Donald Trump unveils new MAGA hat he says he designed

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'I just designed our brand new MAGA Hat!': Trump unveils updated red campaign hat and offers to sign it for supporters for $25Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a new design for his iconic red campaign hats ...

An original Apple-1 ‘motherboarddesigned by Jobs, Wozniak for sale

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An original Apple-1 'motherboard' designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 complete with an original user's manual is up for sale at $450,000Only 200 Apple-1 were designed by Jobs and Wozniak in 1976, sotto 1...

Il Team GB gareggia con reggiseni sportivi appositamente progettati

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Una questione di supporto! Con il Team GB che gareggia con reggiseni sportivi appositamente progettati, testiamo le opzioni vincenti della medaglia d'oro sulle atlete di High StreetTeam GB indossano reggiseni appositamente progettati alle Olimpiadi Bre...

Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS designed Team USA’s official UNDERGARMENTS

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Kim Kardashian reveals her fashion brand SKIMS has designed Team USA's official UNDERGARMENTS - as she pays tribute to Olympic gold medalist stepdad Caitlyn Jenner for inspiring her love of the GamesKim, 40, announce...

Land Rover hearse that Philip designed himself is unveiled

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Carro funebre Land Rover progettato da Philip: Open top Defender TD5 130 was custom built to Duke's orders at manufacturer's Solihull factory in 16-year project - including new coat of military green paintWork on th...

These poorly designed signs are hilariously unreadable

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Che cosa? Hilarious snaps reveal well-meaning signs that have gone terribly wrongPeople from the US shared hilariously poorly designed signs on Bored Panda From poorly laid out adverts to clothing, these messages ar...

‘I designed Diana’s dressand my ex has claimed credit for 40 anni’

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'I designed Diana’s dress - and my ex has claimed credit for 40 anni': Explosive testimony from Elizabeth Emanuel in bitter court battle with former husbandHusband and wife David and Elizabeth Emanuel created Diana'...

Extraordinary Escapes: Cotswolds party house designed by Kate Moss

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Extraordinary Escapes viewers praise 'stunning' five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Cotswolds party house designed by supermodel Kate Moss - which boasts luxurious silk carpets, outdoor swimming pool and glitzy mirrored fou...