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Google Glass-like device could help prevent Alzheimer’s

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Google Glass-like device could help prevent Alzheimer's by sending electronic pulses through the skin to stimulate the nervous system and sense of smellA wearable that straps around the head could ease or reverse Alz...

Adenomyosis sufferer hails new pain-reducing device ‘life-changing

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Model, 45, with adenomyosis whose period cramps feel like 'barbed wire in her womb' hails £200 gadget which blocks pain signals by transmitting micro-pulses to nerves 'life-changing'Nalintha Lala, 45, of London, suff...

Explosive device thrown amid rival Israel-Palestine protest in NYC

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Explosive device thrown into crowd in violent clashes between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters in NYC's Diamond DistrictPro-Israel and pro-Palestine marches were held in Manhattan on Thursday An explosive devi...

Police say NY man killed by exploding gender reveal device

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Father-to-be, 28, is killed after gender reveal party device he was building in his New York garage EXPLODESChristopher Pekny was assembling the unspecified device in the garage of his home in the Catskills town of L...

Matrix-like wearable device turns the body into a BATTERY

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Matrix-like wearable device turns the body into a BATTERY by tapping into a user's internal heat that is transformed into electricityA new wearable device turns your body into a biological battery The stretchy devic...

Smartphone can be used to detect dental plaque with new device

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Smartphone camera modified with LED black lights can be used to detect harmful bacteria that cause acne and dental plaqueResearchers augmented a smartphone camera with a ring of 10 LED black lights The device can det...

Vrou dink dat diefstalbestryding in haar bra 'n opsporingstoestel is

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'Hulle volg ons!': 'N Vrou word aanlyn bespot nadat sy gedink het dat diefstal wat sy in die Victoria's Secret-bra gevind het, 'n opsporingstoestel is. 'Hulle is...

Depressie: Woman shows ‘rapid improvementwith brain-zapping device

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Depression could soon be treated by zapping your BRAIN: Vrou, 36, shows 'rapid and sustained improvement' after having a device surgically implanted that automatically delivers electrical pulses when she is severely...

Duimgrootte toestel snuif vinnig uit’ slegte asem

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Gooi die muntstukke af! Duimgrootte 'snuif'-sensor kan opspoor of u SLEGTE ASEM het deur te kyk of dit waterstofsulfied in u uitgeasemde lug het Die prototipe-toestel van die Suid-Koreaanse span ontdek waterstofsulfied op die asem Hydroge ...

‘Trigger warningdevice sounds alarm for offensive language

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Would you buy a political correctness police-bot? 'Trigger warning' device for classrooms and parties sounds alarm when it detects offensive language or jokes Themis emits loud and irritating noises when it detects o...

The best Amazon device deals for Black Friday 2021

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Get your Black Friday shopping done early! Amazon has dropped a ton of early deals on devices - including the Echo Dot for just £18.99 and the Fire HD 8 Tablet for better-than-half-price Products featured in this Mai...

Gryp Philips’ topverkoper IPL -haarverwyderingsapparaat vir die laagste prys

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Wil ongewenste hare permanent by die huis verwyder? Gryp Philips se topverkoper -apparaat vir haarverwydering vir die laagste prys ooit Die produkte wat in hierdie Mail Best -artikel verskyn, word onafhanklik gekies deur ons inkopies..

Device harvesting energy from the heart may be pacemaker of the future

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The future of pacemakers? Scientists are developing a battery-free pacing device that harvests energy from the heart itselfA battery-free pacemaker powered by heart itself is being designed by scientists Issue is har...

Device studies SWEAT to spot signs of the deadly ‘cytokine storm

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Watch-sized device analyses SWEAT to spot signs of the deadly 'cytokine storm' caused by Covid-19 and other infectionsA cytokine storm can lead to an overload of immune cells that can cause death Researchers say an e...

Spider-shaped device could help millions of men cut night trips to loo

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Tiny implant to tackle prostate trouble: Spider-shaped device could help millions of men get a good night's sleep by cutting number of night-time trips to the loo An implant shaped like a spider could help millions o...

Device or a weapon behind Havana Syndrome, scientist say

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Only plausible explanation for mysterious Havana Syndrome that has afflicted dozens of US diplomats around the world is a WEAPON, CIA report findsA US intelligence report named pulsed electromagnetic energy and ultra...

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