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Adele Roberts details ‘shockat bowel cancer diagnosis

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'The tumour was in a really awkward place but they managed to save my bottom': Adele Roberts, 42, details her 'shock' at bowel cancer diagnosis and reveals results of her operation Adele Roberts has spoken out about ...

Ma, 36, devastated after terminal lung cancer diagnosis

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Non-smoking single mother, 36, who thought her cough was due to Covid is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer after being unable to see a GP face-to-face during lockdownBecky Davis, 36, Redditch, Worcestershire, devel...

ALEXANDRA SHULMAN reveals her breast cancer diagnosis

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'I’m nearly done, all looks fine, said the radiographer... Dan, in an instant, my whole world turned upside down': ALEXANDRA SHULMAN reveals her breast cancer diagnosis – and worrying new guidelines for GPs that mea...

50,000 pasiënte wat gevrees het dat hulle kankerdiagnose tydens pandemie misgeloop het

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Kanker tydbom: 50,000 Daar word gevrees dat pasiënte die diagnose tydens Covid-pandemie misgeloop het, studie wysAround 50,000 pasiënte het kankerdiagnose tydens pandemie gemis, studie sê Charity Macmillan beweer die f...

Double Ashes-winning England hero Lamb reveals cancer diagnosis

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Double Ashes-winning England hero Allan Lamb reveals prostate cancer diagnosis as the 67-year-old urges men to 'put your egos aside' and get checkedAllan Lamb won two Ashes and three cricket World Cups for England Th...

Rugby League legend Bobbie Goulding opens up on his dementia diagnosis

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'I have never been scared of anything... but I'm scared now': Rugby League legend Bobbie Goulding's dementia diagnosis at just 49 has left him angry at the game's failings on head injuriesRugby League lege...

Man left with a ‘hugehole in face after eye cancer diagnosis

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Man, 43, left with a 'huge' hole in his face after being diagnosed with eye cancer which doctors originally thought was an infection and gave him eye dropsDaniel Jackson, from Margate, suffered from a watery eye for ...

Julia Bradbury, 51, in tears after breast cancer diagnosis

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'To lose a breast is a massive trauma': Julia Bradbury, 51, breaks down in tears as she steels herself for mastectomy after cancer diagnosisCountryfile star Julia Bradbury revealed on Sunday she has breast cancer Th...

Jeremy Paxman onthul dat hy steeds voor die diagnose van Parkinson geval het

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Jeremy Paxman sê gereeld val - insluitend een wat hom met 'swart oë' gelaat het - was die rooi vlag dat hy Parkinson se siekte gehad het, soos die gasheer van die University Challenge erken dat dit 'baie moeilik is om te weet dat u nie gaan nie..

Julia Bradbury, 51, onthul haar verwoestende diagnose van borskanker

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'My daughter asked ''Mummy, kan ek jou nog steeds omhels?'' I said ''I need your hugs now more than ever'': Countryfile's Julia Bradbury, 51, reveals her devastating breast cancer diagnosisCountryfile star Julia Bradbury has ...

Will new DNA blood test revolutionise cancer diagnosis?

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Will new DNA blood test revolutionise cancer diagnosis? It can spot 50 different types of the disease before any symptoms show - as this complete guide to a unique NHS trial explains A ‘revolutionary’ blood test, cap...

ITN editor Geoff Hill, 52, describes devastating cancer diagnosis

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The doctor warned me, whatever you do, don't Google it': ITN editor Geoff Hill, 52, describes devastating cancer diagnosis in powerful interview with his friend and news anchor MARY NIGHTINGALE He was the titan of ou...

Hi-tech screening revolution that speeds up prostate cancer diagnosis

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Computer scanning revolution in war on prostate cancer: Thousands of patients could benefit from hi-tech screening that speeds up diagnosisSix NHS hospitals are trialling the use of AI algorithm to detect prostate ca...

Victoria Derbyshire ‘thought she would dieafter cancer diagnosis

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Victoria Derbyshire admits having her own BBC show axed last year was 'gutting' but says surviving the breast cancer she thought might kill her helped 'put it in perspective'Victoria Derbyshire, 52, admitted losing h...

Caroline Flack’s mother Christine reveals daughter’s bipolar diagnosis

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'She was so very fragile': Caroline Flack was diagnosed with bipolar weeks before her tragic suicide and was 'petrified' of being labelled as 'mental', her mother Christine revealsFor help call Samaritans for free on...

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY:Men should learn from my dad’s cancer diagnosis

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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Lessons every man should learn from my dad's prostate cancer diagnosis Over the course of a week I read a lot of scientific articles (so you don’t have to) and one of the things I always keep a kee...

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