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Spencer Matthews’s luxury diamond firm to close for good

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PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Spencer Matthews's luxury diamond firm to close for good I'm afraid Spencer Matthews's foray into the gems business is over. I can reveal the Made In Chelsea star is winding down his luxury diamond...

Scientists create ‘ultrahardGLASS that’s even harder than a diamond

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Say goodbye to smashed phone screens! Scientists create 'ultrahard' GLASS that's even harder than a diamondThe 'carbon glass' was synthesised by experts led from Jilin University, China They made it from buckminsterf...

Tiffany releases diamond necklace valued at $30million

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Not your average stocking filler! Remake of Tiffany necklace designed for the 1939 World’s Fair becomes jeweler's most expensive EVER item at $30million thanks to its 80-carat oval 'empire diamond''The World's Fair N...

Queen wore rarely-seen diamond and ruby butterfly brooch at Cop26

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Her Majesty's heartrending tribute to her 'dear late husband': The Queen kept Prince Philip close with a photo of him in awe of monarch butterflies and a brooch she was given for their wedding as she celebrated his l...

Meet Lily Arkwright, the UK’s number one lab diamond retailer

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It's eco-friendly, full of shine AND 3X more affordable, but could YOU spot a lab-grown diamond? These socially responsible gems are an increasingly popular choice for engagement ringsSales for moissanite diamonds an...

Pensioner discovers diamond she is 34-CARAT stone worth £2MILLION

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Shocked pensioner discovers diamond she 'almost threw in the BIN' during a home clearance is 34-CARAT stone worth £2MILLIONNorthumberland woman in her 70s kept the diamond in box with other jewellery While clearing o...

Meghan Markle wears a new diamond ring

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The duchess of diamonds! Meghan Markle wears £12,000 Cartier earrings, pinky sparkler 'made from Middle Eastern gift' and £3,300 Birks band alongside her engagement ring on first day in New YorkMeghan Markle, 40, ste...

Die diamantarmbande van Marie Antoinette tereggestel om £ 3MILJOEN te haal

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Laat hulle onthou! Twee diamantarmbande wat Marie Antoinette aan 'n vriend toevertrou het voor haar teregstelling, gaan £ 3MILJOEN op 'n veiling haal, juwele is uit Frankryk gestuur voor haar en haar man, koning Louis XIV, se uitvoerende gesag..

Van Meghan Markle $62,000- diamant pienk ring van mystery donor

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Die geheim van Meghan $62,000 pienk ring: Hertogin sport $384,000 juweliersware ter waarde van die voorblad van die invloedrykste mense van Time - insluitend smaragdgesnyde sterretjies gemaak met 'begaafde diamante uit die Midde -Ooste'Megha ...

Beyonce ‘disappointed and angryafter wearing $30M ‘blood diamond

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Beyonce says she is 'disappointed and angry' after unknowingly wearing $30M Tiffany 'blood diamond' - as her mother Tina Knowles hits back at 'righteous activists' online criticizing the superstarBeyonce modeled the ...

PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Damien Hirst is a diamond geezer for lover Sophie

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PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Damien Hirst is a diamond geezer for lover Sophie Cannell He famously covered a cast of a human skull in thousands of diamonds – so I'm wondering if that's why artist Damien Hirst was tempted by thi...

Detectives investigate diamond heist gang who stole £4.2m in jewels

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Diamond heist gang behind audacious theft of £4.2million worth of diamonds from Boodles in Mayfair 'have struck at least once before', says detective hunting themLulu Lakatos posed as gemmologist called 'Anna' when s...

How Romanian thief, 60, almost got away with £4.2m diamond heist

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How Romanian thief, 60, almost got away with £4.2m Ocean's Eleven-style diamond heist from London society jeweller Boodles using sleight of hand to swap them for PEBBLES as she is found guilty despite pointing finger...

Wedrenne ondersteuners kom vir die King George Diamond Weekend by Ascot aan

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Mode voorlopers! Hertogin van Cornwall lei die glans in 'n verklarende hoed terwyl renliefhebbers aantrek om in 'n aantreklike somerdrag te beïndruk terwyl hulle vir die King George Diamond Weekend by AscotRacegoers aantrek om die t ...

Vrou beskuldig van Ocean's Eleven-style diamantroof in die Londense winkel

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Conwoman, 60, posed as gem expert hired by Russian investors to steal seven diamonds worth £4.2million by using 'sleight of hand' to swap them for PEBBLES in heist at Mayfair jewellers Boodles, court hearsLula Lakato...

Russiese diamanthandelaar, 40, en modelvrou, 33, begin egskeidingsstryd

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Russiese diamanthandelaar, 40, en sy modelvrou, 33, begin egskeidingsgeveg oor die weelderige portefeulje van £ 42 miljoen, luukse Cartier-juwele, famous art and supercars at London's High CourtRussian businessman Dmitry Tsvet...

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