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Humayun Saeed will play Princess Diana’s former lover Hasnat Khan

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The Crown series five: Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed 'will play Princess Diana's former lover Hasnat Khan' - who she dubbed 'Mr Wonderful'The 63-year-old British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon was romantically invo...

Prinses Diana se geheime balletskoolbesoeke word in foto's onthul

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Prinses Diana se geheime balletskoolbesoeke word op foto's wat nog nooit gesien is nie, onthul - van die aandag van manlike dansers te trek en 'n glas wyn te geniet.. om skouers te skuur met 'n heks Prinses Diana neve...

Princess Diana’s former bodyguard insists it was SHE who cheated first

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So who did cheat first? For years we've been told it was Prince Charles. Now Princess Diana's former bodyguard insists it was SHE who strayed first - with one of his police colleagues. Maar, asks RICHARD KAY, is it al...

Apartment once home to Princess Diana’s bridesmaid goes on the market

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Stunning Knightsbridge apartment that was once home to one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids goes on the market for £5.25m - and offers potential investors a rental income of £1,000 a nightFormer Knightsbridge home of ...

Princess Diana’s ‘rebelliouswardrobe inspires designers today

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Princess Diana's 'chic' but 'rebellious' sense of fashion still inspires a lot of 'high fashion designers' today, model Leomie Anderson claims in Channel 4 documentary exploring the late royal's wardrobeNew documenta...

Friend of first Briton to die from AIDS speaks about Diana’s impact

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Friend of first Briton to die from AIDS recalls 'momentous moment' Princess Diana shook a dying man’s hand and said her gesture was the biggest boost for the gay community at the timeKen Dee appeared on Good Morning ...

Princess Diana’s friend Jemima Khan withdraws support for The Crown

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Princess Diana's friend Jemima Khan withdraws support for The Crown over 'disrespectful' script after break-up from Netflix show's creator Peter Morgan after he got back with former lover Gillian AndersonJemima Khan,...

Meghan Markle wears Princess Diana’s $23,000 Cartier tank watch

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Meghan dresses up her denim with $444,900 worth of jewellery! Duchess dons Princess Diana's Cartier tank watch, tennis bracelet and custom pinky ring 'made from Middle Eastern gift' for appearance on YouTubeMeghan Ma...

Prinses Diana se broer Earl Spencer deel 'n video van sy oulike hondjie

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Pote van die silwer af! Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer shares an adorable video of his cocker spaniel puppy – and reveals the mischievous pet likes to steal his slippers9th Earl Spencer, 57, welcomed a puppy at A...

Binne prinses Diana se peetseun Prins Philippos troue met Nina Flohr

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Binne die koninklike troue van die jaar! Prinses Diana se peetseun Prins Philippos en bruid Nina Flohr het gaste getrakteer op goue grouperfilet en wilde vinkel in 'n markiestent getooi met sprokiesliggies en granate Philipp..

Princess Diana’s brother warns Met Police over Bashir affair

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Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer warns Met Police of plan to launch a private prosecution over the Martin Bashir affair after detectives drop probe into deception that landed BBC reporter his Panorama interviewE...

Did NEANDERTHALS once live on Princess Diana’s childhood estate?

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Did NEANDERTHALS once live on Princess Diana's childhood estate? Archaeologists searching for 'lost' medieval village at Althorp stumble across ancient rubbish tip containing artefacts dating back at least 40,000 ja ...

Princess Diana’s former employer recalls her first impressions of her

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EKSKLUSIEF: Woman who hired an 18-year-old Princess Diana as a nanny recalls her first impressions of her as a 'shy' teen with 'no world experience' - who won everyone over with her 'very tactile' and 'caring' persona...

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Dark drama Spencer captures Princess Diana’s despair

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BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Kristen Stewart stars in a dark drama that captures Princess Diana's despair The melodrama of paranoia that is Spencer will finally be unveiled at the Venice Film Festival later today. Starring Kristen...

Man had to ‘decodePrincess Diana’s condition from French authorities

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Journalist who was one of the first to arrive at the scene of Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris 24 years ago claims he had to 'decode' news of her condition from French authoritiesTuesday marks 24 years since...

Kristen Stewart’s take on Princess Diana’s accent heard for first time

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Kristen Stewart's take on Princess Diana's accent heard for first time as Spencer trailer is finally releasedThe first trailer for Spencer has been released Stewart utters just two words in the short preview It was ...

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