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Adopted woman discovers birth certificate had the wrong surname

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Adopted woman who couldn't find her birth parents after GP facilitated illegal adoptions with falsified birth certificates finally tracks down her family after 11 YEARS thanks to a DIY DNA kitMargaret Norton and husb...

Antiques shop owner discovers painting is a rare work by Eugene Boudin

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Antiques shop owner discovers beach painting bought from London flea market was once stolen from a Mayfair art gallery and is a rare work by French artist Eugene Boudin whose work has sold for £1.5MILLIONOld Bank Ant...

Bruid ontdek dat eremeisie met verloofde vergader het

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Bruid is verskrik om te ontdek dat haar meid van die erediens sms en haar verloofde in die geheim ontmoet het - maar hulle hou vol sy is 'mal'. Die bruidsmeisie van Bruide het 'n SMS gestuur en haar ontmoet..

Bride-to-be discovers heartbreaking truth about her engagement ring

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Bride-to-be discovers her engagement ring was originally meant for her fiance's ex - so would you keep it?A young woman has shared her disgust over getting second-hand diamond ring The woman found out her engagement ...

Café owner discovers 1913 restaurant menu while stripping wallpaper

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Back in time for lunch! Café owner discovers 1913 restaurant menu while stripping wallpaper during refit... and now plans to recreate historic dishes from lobster salad, ox tail, grilled kidneys and boiled fowlMax Ke...

Cleaner discovers a ‘mind blowingfeature in dishwasher for cutlery

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Professional cleaner discovers a 'mind blowing' feature in her dishwasher that will change the way you clean your cutlery forever - so did you know?A professional cleaner has revealed a feature she discovered in her ...

Commoner discovers she’s a ‘double cousinof the Queen’s

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'I'm surprised she doesn't invite me round for tea!' Commoner discovers she's a 'double cousin' of the Queen's after learning she's related through James V of Scotland and the Bowes-Lyon familyKathy Cormack, from Sur...

Esther Dingley’s boyfriend discovers final remains of the missing Brit

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Esther Dingley's boyfriend discovers final remains of the missing British hiker in the Pyrenees close to where her skull was found two weeks agoEsther Dingley went missing on November 22 while out hiking in the Pyren...

Family discovers truth of five-year-old boy’s death 43 jare aan

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Family finally discovers truth of five-year-old boy's death in NHS surgery blunder... 43 YEARS after the tragedyCarl Marrows lost his life because of errors by NHS hospital staff, inquest hears He suffered ‘massive b...

Pa ontdek dat agtjarige seun 'n Domino's-bestelling van £38 bestel het

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Skreeusnaakse oomblik pa maak voordeur oop om te ontdek sy agtjarige seun het bestel - en betaal word - 'n Domino's-aflewering van £38 sonder om vir hom te sê 'n Agtjarige seuntjie bestel 'n Domino's-bestelling van £38 sonder om hallo te sê..

JULIAN MANYON discovers identity of kidnapper in a secret CIA file

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The terrifying day ITV’s man in Buenos Aires was abducted by a hit squad under orders to execute 500 British expats...and how, in an amazing twist 40 jare aan, JULIAN MANYON discovered the identity of his chief kidna...

Killer lorry driver ‘discoversbodies of 39 Vietnamese migrants

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Moment killer lorry driver stands emotionless after 'discovering' the bodies of 39 Vietnamese migrants in the back of his trailer in harrowing police bodycam footage shown in BBC documentaryBBC documentary Hunting th...

Lucky Cheshire landlord discovers his pub sits atop ‘liquid goldmine

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Landlord discovers his Cheshire pub is sitting on a 'liquid goldmine' with some of the purest water in the world - worth more than £100 a BOTTLEDoran Binder bought The Crag Inn, Cheshire, in 2016 after 'rock bottom' ...

Die mens wat die legkaart van 190 vierkante meter voltooi, ontdek dat die laaste stuk ontbreek

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EKSKLUSIEF: Ek is regtig 'n bietjie af: Legkaart-liefdevolle geskeide figuursaag van 190 vierkante meter voltooi nadat hy VIER MAANDE daaraan gewerk het, ontdek een van die 54,000 PIECES MISSING Peter Schubert, 52, was 'n oomblik ...

Die mens ontdek die lem wat in sy bolyf begrawe is 15 maande na mesaanval

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'Ek kry steeds steekborspyne, Dokter ... ': Die mens ontdek dat hy 'n lem in sy bolyf begrawe het 15 maande na mesaanval in die FilippyneKent Ryan Tomao, 25, gesteek is 15 maande gelede in Kidapawan, Filippyne ...

Die mens ontdek konkrete ‘skat’ boks begrawe in die tuin is septiese tenk

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Stomach-churning moment man discovers concrete 'treasure' box buried in his yard is a septic tankTony Huisman said he had been 'doing some gardening' at his home in Canada He shared the moment he unearthed a 'treasur...

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