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Cost-of-living divide: Biggest pay rises go to the wealthiest 1%

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Cost-of-living divide: Biggest pay rises go to the wealthiest 1% with City bonuses surging as wages in other sectors lag far behind inflationAnalysis of ONS data shows top 1% of earners saw the biggest rises since Co...

North-south divide: Parts of UK to bask in 24C while north sees rain

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Mini-heatwave to return as Britain faces a north-south divide: Parts of UK will bask in 24C temperatures from tomorrow - while northern areas are lashed by heavy rain and gales as nation feels tail end of tropical St...

Britain’s North/South divide as fish and chip prices split the country

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FINFLASIE: North-South FISH AND CHIP divide batters Britain as Londoners are shelling out as much as £12.90 while northerners say they pay only £7 (not including the curry sauce)The average price of a portion of fis...

EV charging network grows 37% in 2021 but North-South divide stretches

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UK's public charging network grew 37% last year with 7,600 devices added - that's just one for every 24 electric car registered amid concerns over North-South divide in availabilityThere are now 28,375 publicly-acces...

Omstrede jeans verdeel mening aanlyn

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Hierdie BAIE omstrede jeans gee geskeurde denim 'n hele nuwe betekenis - maar sommige kopers noem hulle hul 'nuwe gunstelingbroek' 'n Jeans van Shein gee nuwe betekenis aan die idee van geskeurde denim Die ...

North-South economic and social divide keeps widening, new data show

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North-South divide in living standards still widening as the UK's northern regions experience falling incomes, lengthier commutes and fewer start-upsSouth of UK scores 54 uit 100 in 'inclusive' growth index, up fr...

Unions blasted for A-level divide between state and private schools

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Tory MP blames teachers' unions for A-level national disaster: 700,000 comprehensive pupils got NO home lessons at all during pandemic before private schools scored double the number of A gradesRow erupted as bridge ...

Dr JOANNA WILLIAMS: A pernicious class divide

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A pernicious class divide: It's an outrage that this year's A-level grades have served to entrench the gulf between state and private schools, writes Dr JOANNA WILLIAMS, a teacher who has worked in both Dr J...

The great pension divide between private and public sector workers

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The great pension divide: Geopenbaar, how private sector workers can expect £3 in retirement for £1 saved - while the public sector gets as much as £10!The NHS has Britain's top pension with every £1 saved worth more t...