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'Volhoubaarheid word al hoe belangriker op alle gebiede 1 'Volhoubaarheid word al hoe belangriker op alle gebiede

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'Volhoubaarheid word al hoe belangriker op alle gebiede: Novak Djokovic kan sy kanse om die BOK te word verwoes deur te weier om die entstof te neem ... dit is 'n vreemde heuwel om op te sterf vir 'n speler wat so desperaat is om liefgehê te word. Novak Djokovic se koppigheid het g..

Novak Djokovic’s Covid tests WERE valid, Serbian officials say

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Novak Djokovic's Covid tests WERE valid, Serbian officials say after serial number discrepancies sparked claims false paperwork had been submitted to Australian authoritiesNovak Djokovic submitted two Covid tests in ...

Novak Djokovic’s biographer claims the Serb WILL now take Covid jab

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Novak Djokovic's biographer claims the Serb WILL now take the Covid vaccine after his dramatic deportation from Australia - because he then had to watch Rafa Nadal move clear of him and Roger Federer in the battle to...

Doubts emerge over timing of Novak Djokovic’s positive Covid tests

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Doubts emerge over Novak Djokovic's positive Covid tests used in his failed bid to enter Australia as documents show timings of his two Serbian PCR results are 'out of sync'The tennis star submitted evidence of two p...

Novak Djokovic’s kind act before leaving Australia

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Novak Djokovic's kind act before leaving Australia: The touching DM tennis superstar sent an Aussie up-and-comer before Immigration Minister kicked him out of the countryThanasi Kokkinakis won the Adelaide Internatio...

MARTIN SAMUEL: Djokovic’s deportation was a drama of his OWN creation

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MARTIN SAMUEL: Novak Djokovic's deportation from Australia is a ghastly, ruinous drama of his own creation... letting him stay would have eroded faith and damaged the collective fight in a pandemicNovak Djokovic's de...

Djokovic’s Australian Open fiasco to be part of Netflix docuseries

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EKSKLUSIEF: Novak Djokovic's Australian Open drama will be shown on NETFLIX! Film crew have explosive behind-the-scenes access to immigration saga which will be shown in a docuseries similar to F1's 'Drive to Survive'...

Social media goes wild for Novak Djokovic’s handsome brothers

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You might not be a fan of Djokovic, but have you seen his brothers? Fans go wild for Novak's VERY handsome younger siblings as the fellow tennis players rally around during visa rowSerbian tennis star Novak Djokovic'...

Hoekom Novak Djokovic se familie DODGED Covid-toetsvrae

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Novak Djokovic se familie het vrae oor tennisster se Covid-toets ontduik, het 'afsku en minagting' getoon vir almal wat betrokke was by sy Australiese visum-sage op gespanne perskonferensie, lyftaalkenner sê Body langua...

Navratilova says she ‘can’t defendDjokovic’s choice not to get jab

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'I just wish he had taken the vaccination': Tennis legend Martina Navratilova insists she 'CAN'T DEFEND' Novak Djokovic's choice not to get the jab - and believes anti-vaxx world No 1 should be 'more aware of everybo...

Novak Djokovic’s high-stakes court case kicks off with WILD start

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Novak Djokovic's court case livestream is hijacked with PORN images beamed to the world as it watches whether he will be deported from Australia - as minister warns he may be locked up AGAIN even if judge rules he ca...

Novak Djokovic’s court battle to cost taxpayers half a million dollars

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Novak Djokovic will be allowed to play in the Australian Open unvaccinated even after taxpayers fork out HALF A MILLION dollars trying to deport him, legal expert predictsNovak Djokovic court battle to cost taxpayers...

Australian government LOSES bid to delay Djokovic’s deportation case

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Australian government LOSES bid to delay Novak Djokovic's deportation case by two days - as hundreds of supporters attend service held by Serbian priests outside hotel where tennis ace is confinedAustralian Governmen...

Djokovic’s lawyer’s reveal night of hell at Melbourne airport

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Novak Djokovic's night of hell! World No 1's lawyers claim he was left 'shocked and confused' by ordeal at Melbourne airport that lasted eight HOURS... and allege 'mischievous' security staff refused to let him sleep...

Novak Djokovic’s demands to personal chef at Melbourne hotel denied

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Novak Djokovic's OUTRAGEOUS demands from immigration detention is revealed as he remains holed up in a $109-a-night refugee hotel once slammed for its 'maggot-ridden food'Novak Djokovic requested personal chef and ac...

Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open quarantine demands are rejected

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'Covid doesn't treat you differently. Neither do we': Novak Djokovic's demands for 72 quarantined Australian Open players is rejected - as Britain's Heather Watson runs three miles in hotel room to keep active72 Aust...