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Palace to protect King Charles’s from ‘exploitativeNetflix drama

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Buckingham Palace moves to protect King Charles's reputation from 'exploitative' Netflix dramatisation of his bitter marriage and divorce with Princess Diana - and his affair with Queen Consort Camilla - in The Crown'...

Kenneth Branagh dons fat suit to play Boris Johnson in new drama

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It's Boris Mk II! Kenneth Branagh dons fat suit and spends two hours in make-up to transform into stunning likeness of former Prime Minister for new dramaTV series This England lambasted by critics for its takedown of...

Don’t Worry Darling crew members claim drama rumors are FALSE

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Don't Worry Darling crew claim 'absurd' on set drama rumors between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde are 'completely false' Crew members that worked on the psychological thriller, Don't Worry Darling, shared a statement...

Nicola Peltz was ‘BLANKED by Victoriaover wedding dress drama

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'Days went by and I didn't hear anything': Nicola Peltz, 27, claims she was BLANKED by mother-in-law Victoria Beckham after star agreed to design her wedding dress - as Brooklyn, 23, says 'my wife is my first priority...

Crossfire viewers ‘traumatisedby gripping new BBC drama

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'I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight': Crossfire viewers 'traumatised' by gripping new BBC drama as they praise Keeley Hawes' acting in 'top notch' three-part series Viewers of new BBC drama Crossfire were left feeling 'n...