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Glasgow electrician finds room of Nazi memorabilia in customer’s home

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Electrician gets a surprise when he finds a room full of Nazi memorabilia including a poster of Adolf Hitler in a home where he was changing the plug socketsGeorge Taylor was shocked to find the room in a house in De...

Christian electrician who quit NHS job is able to sue former employers

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Christian electrician, 66, who quit NHS job after being forced to take equality and diversity training for sharing his 'traditional views' on gay marriage and Muslims is granted right to sue former employers for reli...

Rust electrician sues Alec Baldwin, armorer and assistant director

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Rust electrician who held dying Halyna Hutchins in his arms reveals 'scene did NOT require Alec Baldwin to shoot the revolver' as he sues for 'emotional distress'Head electrician on the Rust movie set Serge Svetnoy h...

Electrician describes moment he held dying Halyna Hutchins in his arms

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Electrician describes harrowing moment he held dying Halyna Hutchins in his arms moments after she was shot as she uttered her final words: 'I cannot feel my legs'Serge Svetnoy was friends with Halyna and held her in...