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Euro 2020 thugs wanted for attacking emergency workers and passer-by

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Police hunt men suspected of attacking emergency workers and assaulting Trafalgar Square passer-by on day Euro 2020 Wembley final descended into violent chaosMet Police released four headshots of the men who are belie...

What the ‘Emergency Budgetmeans for YOU

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What the 'Emergency Budget' means for YOU: From basic rate of income tax cut to 19p to reversing National Insurance hike... how Chancellor's relief deal will affect Britons amid cost-of-living crisisChancellor uses 'e...

Angry Britons share memes over Chancellor’s ‘Emergency Budget

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'So there IS a magic money tree after all!': Britons respond to Chancellor's 'Emergency Budget' by sharing memes as Britain battles cost-of-living crisisChancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has set out a series of measures in hi...