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EMILY PRESCOTT: James Blunt’s verdict on the Queue jumpers

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EMILY PRESCOTT: James Blunt's verdict on the Queue jumpers as he waited nine hours while Holly and Phil skipped it: You missed the whole point! Having served in Her Majesty's Armed forces – even guarding the Queen Mot...

EMILY PRESCOTT: Pete Doherty’s clean-living son called to the bar

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EMILY PRESCOTT: Pete Doherty's clean-living son is called to the bar... the cocktail bar His father Pete Doherty found fame as an indie rock star, but son Astile is mixing it with a different crowd. I can reveal that ...

EMILY PRESCOTT: Annie Cardone reveals relationship with Dodi Fayed

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EMILY PRESCOTT: Me, Dodi and Di... Ex-model Annie Cardone reveals she had a relationship with Dodi Fayed, 25 years after car crash which killed Dodi and Princess Diana Twenty-five years on from the car crash that kill...

Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily pregnant with baby girl

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Jeremy Clarkson, 62, to be a GRANDAD! The Grand Tour star’s daughter Emily announces she is expecting her first child with husband Alex AndrewJeremy Clarkson 's daughter Emily has announced she is expecting her first ...

EMILY PRESCOTT: Pressure’s off for Lorraine

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EMILY PRESCOTT: 'Pressure was off' for Lorraine Kelly after male boss said she didn't make his 'trousers twitch' TV presenter Lorraine Kelly tells me she didn't feel insulted when a male boss said to her: 'You don't m...