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Emirates pilot did ‘dangeroushigh speed, low-altitude Dubai fly-over

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Emirates pilot did a 'dangerous' high speed, low-altitude fly-by over Dubai in plane with hundreds of passengers aboard - before the cockpit voice recorder was mysteriously 'overwritten'The flight - EK231 - opgestyg het ...

Emirates investigates Boeing 777 flight that took off too low and fast

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'Die vars sneeu wat die berge in die agtergrond bedek, was die perfekte raam vir hierdie spesiale ontmoeting tussen herfs en winter 777 SECONDS from disaster: Carrier launches investigation after Washington DC-bound airliner takes off too low and fast - at the very end of the runwayThe flight - EK231 - took off from Dubai at a spe...

Emirates cabin crew face the weight police

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Emirates cabin crew face the weight police: Staff are grounded and suffer pay cuts if they go up a dress size, ex-staff revealFormer Emirates crew have claimed their weight would be monitored by airline They said so...

Emirates airline jet flies for 14 hours with a HOLE in its side

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Emirates airline jet flies for 14 hours with a HOLE in its side after passengers heading to Australia heard a loud bang after take-offThe Airbus A380 took off from Emirates’ main hub in Dubai on July 1 and landed to ...

Emirates A380s will return to Gatwick in December for flights to Dubai

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Emirates' flying palaces to return to Gatwick: Carrier will deploy its luxurious A380s for flights from the London hub to Dubai in December in response to a surge in demandThe Emirates A380 will replace the scheduled...