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Cosmic rays may reveal the hidden tomb of China’s first Emperor

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Peering inside the first Emperor of China's secret chamber: Scientists will use cosmic rays to reveal artefacts hidden in tomb guarded by the Terracotta Army — said to include deadly traps, an ancient map and mercury...

Gold earring may have been given to Viking chief by Byzantium Emperor

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Stunning gold earring discovered in Denmark may have been gifted by the Emperor of Byzantium to a Viking chief 1,000 anni fa, experts claimEarring from the 11th century has never been seen before in the Nordic coun...

Princess Aiko, only child of Japan’s Emperor, comes of age next month

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The Princess set for the world stage who you've NEVER heard of: Aiko of Japan, 19, who suffered bullying and health issues as a child, will take on royal duties next month (but there's no money in the budget for a ne...

2,000-year-old bust of Emperor Augustus, identified by telltale hair

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Ancient marble head discovered under Italian town's 2,000-year-old city walls is identified as Rome's first emperor Augustus by his big ears and unusual 'swallow-tail' hairstyleThe head was discovered during renovati...

Mausoleum built for Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, finally reopens

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Mausoleum built 2,000 years ago for Rome's first emperor, Augustus, finally reopens to the public after 14 anni dopo $12.25 million restoration projectRome's first emperor, Augustus, reigned over the empire for...

Stanza trovata dove l'imperatore romano Adriano teneva le colazioni energetiche

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Gli archeologi scoprono la sala per la colazione dove l'imperatore romano Adriano e sua moglie tenevano pasti elaborati per mostrare il loro potere 1,900 anni fa, l'ambientazione grandiosa si trovava nel tentacolare, 200 acro, Villa Adriana i ...

Pinguini imperatore catturati in fotografie mozzafiato

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Vita, amore e sopravvivenza: I pinguini imperatori e la loro esistenza in uno dei luoghi più ostili della Terra catturati nelle fotografie mozzafiato del libro da tavolino mozzafiatoStefan Christmann ha catturato la loro esistenza lì ...