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Top secret letters from jet engine pioneer Frank Whittle to be sold

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Top secret letters penned by British engineer Sir Frank Whittle who invented the jet engine during World War II worrying that Nazi bombing could disrupt his work are set to sell for £30,000 when they are put up for a...

Elon Musk warns of SpaceX ‘bankruptcydue to engine ‘crisis

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World's richest man Elon Musk warns of SpaceX 'bankruptcy' unless Starship engine 'production crisis' for missions to Mars is solvedElon Musk warned employees that they needed to solve the problem with their Starship...

Made in Chelsea star is developing a rocket engine powered by plastic

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Rocket engine powered by PLASTIC WASTE and developed by Made in Chelsea star completes a successful test firingPulsar Fusion rocket takes its fuel source from high density polyethylene (HDPE) The Bletchley firm is le...

Driver rescues cat from engine after hearing it cry on 18-MILE drive

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Moment driver rescues kitten from his car engine after hearing it meowing as he sat in Bangkok's rush-hour traffic during 18-MILE commuteSettachet Guedchai rescued a kitten hidden inside his car engine on October 21 ...

Spirit Airlines engine erupts in flames and deploys evacuation slides

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Spirit Airlines jet engine erupts in flames after hitting a large bird during take off from Atlantic City forcing passengers to evacuate using slidesA Florida-bound plane trying to take off from Atlantic City Airport...

Couple’s horror as single engine plane clips cars in emergency landing

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'It literally landed on top of our car!': Couple reveal horror as single engine plane clips dozens of cars as it makes emergency landing on Interstate 5 north of San DiegoSingle engine Piper PA-32 performed emergency...

Meringue-like material could make jet engine sound like a HAIRDRYER

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Meringue-like material developed that could reduce the roar of a jet engine taking off to a sound closer to that of a HAIRDRYERScientists have developed a material to make jet engines as quiet as a hairdryer Incredib...

Fire engine stranded in the middle of the road after a sinkhole opens

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Fire engine is stranded in the middle of the road for hours after a sinkhole suddenly opensThe fire engine got stuck in a hole caused by a burst water main The engine was responding to reports of a burst pipe in a G...

Chinese flight is cancelled after man throws coins into jet’s engine

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Unlucky! Chinese flight is cancelled after passenger throws coins into jet's ENGINE for 'good fortune' before take-off Man detained by police after tossing coins wrapped in red paper into engine The coins were spott...

Cyclist who added petrol engine to push bike is fined £240 at court

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Cyclist must pay £240 after fitting his push bike with petrol engine to help him get up hills without getting licence, insurance or a helmetLee Middleton, 37, di Brotton, used a petrol engine on his bike to help him ...

Boeing 777 makes emergency landing in Moscow due to engine problems

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Boeing 777 makes an emergency landing in Moscow after suffering engine problems - six days after dramatic failure of same model over ColoradoThe state-owned Rossiya airline cargo jet was flying from Hong Kong to Madr...

Boeing ‘tried to strengthen 777 engine coversbefore Denver explosion

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Boeing had been trying to strengthen 777 engine covers for two YEARS before fan blade snapped off United Airlines flight and broke through the casing leaving debris scattered over Denver suburbsAerospace giant was sa...

Il volo Moment United Airlines con motore esploso atterra in sicurezza

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Momento terrorizzato dai passeggeri della United Airlines esultano mentre l'eroe pilota esegue un atterraggio di emergenza `` da manuale '' dopo che il motore prende fuoco su Boeing 777 20 minuti dopo il decollo e piove detriti su un miglio quadrato di Denver..

Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency to develop nuclear-powered engine

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Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency team up to develop nuclear-powered spacecraft engine that could get us to Mars in just three monthsThe firms will explore the potential of nuclear power as a source of energy A nuclea...

The jet engine inventor’s idea to help the RAF was ignored by minsters

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Jet engine inventor's pioneering idea to help the RAF destroy Nazi bombers was ignored by minsters two years before the Blitz, lost memo revealsRAF engineer Sir Frank Whittle is credited with inventing the turbojet e...

Virgin Galactic test flight to space aborted after engine malfunctions

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Virgin Galactic's long-delayed test flight to space has to be aborted midway after rocket's motor malfunctions - the latest setback for the embattled programRichard Branson's Virgin Galactic suffered another setback ...