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Avicii’s final diary entries reveal the demons that haunted the star

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Avicii's tragic diary entries reveal the demons that haunted the star before his suicide at 28... including rants about his pain, 'depressing' vacations in hospital and his fear of sobrietyHis journal entries have be...

The new entries in 2021’s biggest superyachts ranking revealed

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Interiors by an Armani store designer and the largest glass panes ever built into a yacht: The stunning new entries in 2021's biggest superyachts ranking revealedBoat International magazine has unveiled its list of t...

Die beste inskrywings tot dusver in die Comedy Wildlife Awards bekend gemaak

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Van 'n prikkelende bokvis tot 'n giggelende leeu: Beste inskrywings tot dusver in die 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards word onthul. Die 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards' vier die humoristiese kant van wildfotografie..

Die pragtige weninskrywings van die Mobile Photography-toekennings 2021

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Sou u kon weet dat dit op 'n slimfoon geneem is?? Die pragtige weninskrywings van die Mobile Photography Awards 2021The 2021 Mobiele fotografie-toekennings gelok 5,700 inskrywings van fotograwe in 75 coun ...

2021 [object Window]: Amazing open competition entries

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Lightning over lavender, sheep on the march and the village that inspired Frozen: metaal tekkies 2021 Sony World Photography AwardsAnyone, of any ability, can enter from across the ...

CEWE Awards share entries photos capturing beauty of natural world

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From a hungry Alaskan bear catching lunch to a pair of owls sharing a tender moment, world's largest photography competition CEWE showcases the beauty of natureThese are stunning photos taken by photographer that cel...