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Peloton filmed commercial with Mr Big AFTER And Just Like That episode

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Peloton only filmed hit commercial with resurrected Mr Big AFTER And Just Like That death episode aired - with boss insisting fitness start-up had no idea about the plotSPOILERS: There will be HUGE SPOILERS for the f...

University Challenge viewers cringe at ‘brutal’ episode

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'Ofsted will be visiting St. Hilda’s tomorrow!': University Challenge viewers cringe at 'brutal' episode which saw Cambridge beat Oxford by 210 pointsLast night's episode saw St Hinda's Oxford take on Cambridge's Tri...

Amazon worker dies at depot: Man has fatal ‘medical episodein car

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Amazon worker dies at Essex depot: Man suffered fatal 'medical episode' while sat in car waiting for shift to start at tech giant's biggest EU warehouseThe man died outside the sprawling warehouse before his shift in...

Mum suffered rare psychotic episode a week after giving birth

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'I thought I would be crucified': Ma, 31, reveals how she developed postpartum psychosis a week after giving birth to her first child - believing she was the 'second coming' and would be put to death like JesusKa...

Chris Pratt tops TV’s highest-paid list with $1.4m PER EPISODE salary

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Chris Pratt tops TV's highest-paid list with $1.4million PER EPISODE for Amazon's The Terminal List... as movie star streaming deals cause a boom in small screen salariesPratt topped Variety's list with $1.4M per epi...

University Challenge viewers blast ‘most frustrating episode ever

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University Challenge viewers brand last night's episode the 'most frustrating ever' after teams agonise over answers and resort to guesswork - but could YOU do any better?Queen Mary, University of London took on Oxfo...

First Morecambe & Wise Show episode unearthed after lost for 50 jare

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The first ever episode of the Morecambe & Wise Show has been unearthed after 50 years despite fears it was lost forever The first ever Morecambe & Wise Show episode has been discovered after being lost for 50 ja ...

University Challenge viewers left X after first episode

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Wie gee om vir die vrae! University Challenge viewers are distracted by 'amazing' King's College London captain Atyab Rashid and his 'gorgeous' voice as he leads his team to victory in the series premiereBBC2 q...

Nick Hewer gets message from Alan Sugar on final Countdown episode

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'You're retired!' Nick Hewer is left stunned as he gets a surprise message from 'very good friend' Lord Alan Sugar on his final Countdown episode Nick Hewer was left stunned on Friday's Countdown after he got a surpr...

Anne Boleyn viewers are left ‘unimpressedduring first episode

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'I really wanted to like this!' Anne Boleyn viewers are left 'unimpressed' and 'bored' as they point out 'historical inaccuracies' during the first episode Anne Boleyn viewers were left 'unimpressed' and 'bored' on T...

Heartbreaking Baby Surgeons episode sees twin aborted to save sibling

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Baby surgeons viewers are left in tears as pregnant mother of twins has to abort her baby whose skull failed to form properly in the womb to save the other's life - only for her second baby to die three weeks laterJe...

LOD star Martin Compston says final episode is the ‘perfect ending

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Line Of Duty star Martin Compston reveals there will be 'big answers' in the final episode which he believes is the 'perfect ending' - but REFUSES to rule out another series The final episode of Line Of Duty is set t...

Line of Duty: 10 questions that NEED to be answered in final episode

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Line of Duty: 10 questions that NEED to be answered in next week's grand finale - from why Kate and Jo fled after shooting Ryan Pilkington to what is under the concrete floor (and will we FINALLY discover the identit...

Prince Philip was upset about ‘maliciousepisode of The Crown

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Prince Philip was upset about 'shockingly malicious' episode of The Crown, says Royal biographer Royal biographers Sally Bedell Smith and Hugo Vickers say Prince Philip was 'very upset' over several scenes in the Net...

Is this why Regé-Jean Page walked away from £40k an episode?

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Is this why the Duke of Bonkerton walked away from £40k an episode? Regé-Jean Page went from relative unknown to the biggest star on Netflix. Now ALISON BOSHOFF reveals the ultimate plot twist The bombshell news was ...

700,000 kykers skakel drama Line of Duty na die eerste episode uit

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Daling van diens: 700,000 kykers skakel die korrupsiedrama Line of Duty van die polisie uit ná die eerste aflewering van die nuwe seisoen Die eerste episode van die reeks is van stapel gestuur met die hoogste klassifikasies ooit in sy geskiedenis..

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