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Equalities minister says she is ‘appalledat treatment Kathleen Stock

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Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch says she is 'appalled' at the treatment Kathleen Stock and says the feminist professor is 'in step with the majority of the population' after she quit Sussex University over trans ri...

Britain’s equalities watchdog quits Stonewall ‘wokeworkplace scheme

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Britain's equalities watchdog quits Stonewall scheme for 'woke' workplaces amid claims that it curbs free speech for workers Equality and Human Rights Commission has left Diversity Champions scheme 'Creates culture ...

Women CAN challenge transgender activism, equalities chief vows

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Women CAN challenge transgender activism and have a right to question trans identity without being abused, stigmatised or risk losing their job, Britain's new equalities chief vowsEqualities chief will fight for wome...

Tory equalities minister apologises for old ‘shooting chavs’ Post

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Tory equalities minister apologises for eight-year-old Facebook post that said she wanted 'to do a spot of Chav shooting' and joked that Ed Milliband would make an ideal targetSenior Welsh Conservative Laura Anne Jon...