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Russian media gloats over Bileswithdrawal from Olympic events

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'She couldn't take the pressure we put on her': Gloating Russian media say Simone Biles 'let her team down' after 'refusing' to compete at Tokyo Olympics due to mental health issuesSimone Biles has withdrawn from two...

Olympic chiefs considering BANNING fans from attending night events

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Tokyo Olympic chiefs considering BANNING fans from attending night events and large venues as concerns continue to rise about spread of Covid-19 with three weeks to goThere are just three weeks to go until the Olympi...

Download Festival is ‘evidencebig music events can take place safely

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Download Festival is '100 per cent evidence' that big music events can take place safely says organiser after 10,000 rock fans enjoyed three-day partyOrganiser of Download Festival said it is '100 per cent evidence' ...

Vaccine passports ‘will NOT be required to attend large events

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Vaccine passports 'will NOT be legally required to attend large events' says Government source after months of wranglingVaccine passports 'not expected to be legally required for large events' Ministers are examining...

Tenda allestita nel giardino No10 per "eventi di beneficenza"’ prima del ricevimento pomeridiano

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Marquee era GIÀ stato installato nel giardino di Downing Street e utilizzato per "eventi di beneficenza" prima che Boris Johnson tenesse il suo ricevimento di nozze lì poiché No10 si rifiuta di dire chi l'ha pagato. Boris Johnson e Carrie si sono sposati..

Harry rivela che avrebbe 'versato di sudore’ oltre lo stress degli eventi pubblici

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Harry rivela che avrebbe "versato sudore" a causa dello stress degli eventi pubblici e si sarebbe fermato solo quando avrebbe "incontrato qualcuno che sudava più di lui" nel suo nuovo spettacolo The Me You Can't See, Il principe Harry rivela ansia- ...

Large events ‘just as safe as dining in a restaurant’, Sopravvissuti al Covid DUE VOLTE più probabilità di subire gli effetti del jab

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Large events with no social distancing and mask-free crowds 'are just as safe as dining in a restaurant or going shopping', early data suggestsBig events are less likely to cause mass outbreaks of Covid-19 if rules f...

Large events have ‘a small impacton Covid spread, SAGE report claims

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Concerti, football matches and other large events have a 'small impact' on Covid transmission because they are impersonal and smaller groups pose bigger risk, SAGE research claimsUK Government already trialling large...

Covid passports set to be tested at sports events in June

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ESCLUSIVO: Covid passports are set to be tested at sports events in June in an audacious late bid to have CAPACITY crowds at Euro 2020 and in the great summer of sport, as well as a return to full stadiums for the st...

Government reveals 9 events where socially distancing to be scrapped

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But here is where you CAN get a taste of freedom: Government reveals nine comedy gigs, football games and nightclubs where socially distancing will be scrapped as part of No10 pilot starting in TWO WEEKS - and you on...

The best festivals and outdoor events for a summer of fun

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UK summer festivals are back in vogue: Amazing outdoor events for fans of film, fireworks, music and vintage fashionBath will be among the first places to welcome visitors with live events planned In August, Plymouth...

OLIVER DOWDEN: Pilot spectator events are a giant step towards

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Culture Secretary OLIVER DOWDEN: Pilot spectator events are a giant step towards the life we love and the end of social distancing It’s been a long time coming, but the Great British Summer of sport, performance and ...

‘Digital twinof Earth will to help predict extreme events

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'Digital twin’ of Earth will create and test simulations of our planet to help predict when extreme events like catastrophic flooding or food shortages will strikeThe digital twin Earth will help world leaders prepar...

L'azienda di eventi è accusata di razzismo dopo che il lavoratore ha condiviso la scheda informativa’

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Una società di eventi aziendali è accusata di razzismo dopo che i lavoratori hanno condiviso la "scheda informativa" che afferma che i templi indù "odorano" e gli unici bravi attori indiani sono "al telefono cercando di ottenere le coordinate bancarie" Il personale presumibilmente detiene "Indian C ...

‘Huge pushto make venues Covid-secure ahead of summer sport events

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Save our summer of sport! 'Huge push' to make venues Covid-secure ahead of major events like Wimbledon and the Euros with testing kits sent out with tickets and temperature checks on arrival among the plansGovernment...

LA crackdown: 182 arrested for underground ‘superspreader’ eventi

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LA County officials arrest 182 people at two superspreader events over the weekend including a 'swinger's party' in a warehouse as a person dies from the virus every eight minutes in California182 adults were arreste...