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Bee species in Costa Rica has evolved extra tooth for biting FLESH

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Beware the meat-eating 'vulture bees'! Species living in Costa Rica has evolved an extra tooth for biting FLESH, study findsUniversity of California, Riverside-led experts compared various bee species They were inter...

Dwarf elephant evolved from ‘one of the largest ever land mammals

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'Dwarf' elephants living on Sicily went through an extreme shrinking process, reducing in weight and height by 440 pounds and 1.5 inches per generation and reaching just 6.5ft before dying out 19,000 years agoThe dwa...

Modern human brain evolved ‘as far back as 1.7 miljoen jaar gelede’

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Modern human brains are 'relatively young' and only evolved 1.7 million years ago after the earliest humans first dispersed from Africa, study finds Scientists in Switzerland say the human brain as we know it is rela...

Monty Don tells how Longmeadow’s various areas evolved

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Gardening has most meaning when it’s deeply personal: Afgesonder, surprising and each with its own unique character – Monty Don tells how Longmeadow’s various areas evolvedMonty Don has designed his garden at Longmeado...