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Ex-minister Johnny Mercer blasts ‘most distrustful’ Governo

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Ex-veterans minister Johnny Mercer who was sacked after row over treatment of soldiers in Northern Ireland says Government is 'most distrustful, awful environment' he has ever worked in and claims 'almost nobody tell...

Ex-minister William Hague calls for drug use to be DECRIMINALISED

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Former Tory leader William Hague calls for drugs to be decriminalised saying 'it is the only way forward' to treat addiction as a health issue as Portugal doesPeer said change needed to tackle the 'massive social pro...

L'ex ministro Tracey Crouch critica la cultura dell'alcolismo in Parlamento

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L'ex ministro Tracey Crouch critica la cultura del bere pesante del Parlamento dicendo che i parlamentari votano "puzza di alcol" - mentre rivela che Boris ha annunciato di essere stata promossa al governo senza chiederglielo Tracey Crouch ha detto che i parlamentari t...

Social media giants must protect MPs from abuse, demands ex-minister

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Speaker Lindsay Hoyle reveals he received a CAR BOMB threat from an offshore social media account as he backs moves to strip users of anonymityTory MP David Amess was stabbed to death at a constituency surgery on Fri...

Ex-minister Geoffrey Cox STILL working as lawyer in Parliamentary time

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Former attorney general Geoffrey Cox is STILL working as a barrister during Parliamentary time - taking part in BVI Zoom hearing with his backdrop obscured after criticism of use of his Westminster officeHe took part...

PM orders civil service to probe claim ex-minister sacked for religion

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Boris orders civil service to probe claims ex-minister was sacked in reshuffle over 'Muslimness' after calls from Cabinet members for 'proper investigation'Nusrat Ghani was sacked as transport minister in February 20...

Ex-minister slams Treasury over ‘Dad’s ArmyCovid anti-fraud efforts

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Ex-Treasury minister Lord Agnew says it was 'happy days if you were a crook' at the start of the pandemic because the Government's Covid anti-fraud measures were a 'Dad's Army operation'Lord Agnew quit his role as th...

Ex-minister calls for the UK to pull out of ‘barmy’ Eurovision

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The UK should PULL OUT of Eurovision because the taxpayer wastes hundreds of thousands of pounds on it and European voters always make us lose, says ex-minister The UK should stop wasting hundreds of thousands of pou...