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Investing expert says US ‘superbubblewill pop soon

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US is approaching the end of a SUPERBUBBLE caused by COVID stimulus and could now endure the largest markdown of wealth in its history, top investor Jeremy Grantham warnsLegendary UK investor Jeremy Grantham warned t...

MMA expert, 21, convicted of raping two women

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Mixed martial arts expert, 21, who called himself a 'sex god' is convicted of raping two female students and sexually assaulting a thirdCharles Goodwin was found guilty of a total of seven difference charges today Th...

Expert calls for stricter rules on prescribing Roaccutane to teens

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Acne drug drove our daughter to suicide: Parents of tragic 15-year-old and leading expert beg for stricter rules on how treatment is prescribed to teenagers but fear drug watchdog will not take action For Helen and S...

SAGE expert says UK to have ‘flu-typerelationship with Covid by 2023

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SAGE modeller predicts UK will have a 'flu-type' relationship with Covid by the end of the year as he says pandemic is 'turning around' following super-mild Omicron waveDr Mike Tildesley said more variants that are '...

What’s your Dry January style? Expert reveals nine personality types

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What type of Dry January drinker are YOU? From the 'Weekend Wobbler' who slips up on a Friday to 'The Flake' who fibs about how much they've had, expert reveals the 9 personalities - and how to stay on trackExperts r...

Expert reveals the best skincare products for glowing skin

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Expert reveals the best skincare products for a healthy and glowing complexion at home - and says wearing sunscreen INSIDE is essential for flawless skinAlice Henshaw, practitioner and owner of Harley Street Injectab...

Expert claims supercentenarians could live to the age of 180 deur 2100

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Could humans really live to 130? Expert claims supercentenarians could live to the age of 180 by end of the centuryThe current record for oldest person to have ever lived is 122 years old Statisticians in Canada have...

Expert reveals the signs your hyper-independence is an issue

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Are you TOO independent? Expert shares the nine questions you need to ask to determine if you 'go it alone' too much - and warns it can lead to stress and lonelinessHyper-independent people refuse to rely on others t...

Kate Middleton described as the ‘people’s princessby royal expert

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Queen will rely on 'supportive' Kate Middleton 'more than ever' as the Royal Family braces for a difficult year with Prince Andrew's legal woes and Prince Harry's memoir, expert saysThe Queen will rely on Kate Middle...

Relationship expert reveals phrase that indicates partner is cheating

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Is YOUR partner a cheating narcissist? Relationship expert reveals red flag phrases that suggest your other half is unfaithful or controlling - from 'she's just a friend' to 'I'm sorry you feel that way'Cory Skonlnik...

Juan Carlos doesn’t care about damaging Spain royal Family expert says

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Former Spanish king Juan Carlos wants to return home and 'doesn't care' if he damages his family's reputation because he feels he's 'done his part' for the country, expert saysKing Juan Carlos, 83, in 'exile' in Abu...

Fitness expert hell-bent on making celebsblood run cold

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Fitness expert hell-bent on making celebs’ blood run cold: Forget eating kangaroo testicles on I’m A Celebrity, this year’s reality TV horror will see ice endurance man Wim Hof challenge the stars to freeze themselve...

Vaccines expert backs PM’s Covid plans as hospital admissions fall

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'Mass deaths and hospitalisations are now history': Vaccines expert backs PM's light-touch Covid measures as hospital admissions fall to half of level last Christmas despite record-breaking Omicron infection surgePro...

Drankkenner HELEN McGINN op die top-tipples vir kersfees

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Nagkappies vir 'n groot aand in: Drankkenner HELEN McGINN oor die beste drankies vir rustyd Tradisionele laataanddrankie is bedoel om jou warm te maak, snoesig, en gereed vir bed Helen McGinn sê ons kan smul soos ons waarskynlik is ...

Die etiketkenner William Hanson 2021 Bad Manners-toekennings

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Die 2021 Bad Manners-toekennings: Die etiketkenner William Hanson onthul sy ergste oortreders - van Martin Lewis wat GMB aanbied sonder 'n das aan 'skynheilige' Tilly Ramsay Etiketkenner William Hanson onthul die ontvanger..

Ouerskapkenner onthul hoe om kinders op Oukersaand te laat slaap

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Sukkel JOU kinders om op Oukersaand te slaap? Kenner maak wenke bekend om hulle te help knik - insluitend 'n VROEGER slaaptyd en die drink van suikervrye kersiesap Ouerskapkenner by Play Like Mum het wenke onthul oor hoe om ...

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