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Ex-pupil raped by teachers at Catholic school gets £1.4m payout

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Former pupil at Catholic boarding school who was raped by teachers gets £1.4m payout£1.4million has been awarded to a man who was raped at a Catholic boys' school The 54-year-old, known only as AB, attended St Ninian...

Gordonstoun has ‘moral obligationto help abuse victims ex-pupil says

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Gordonstoun has a 'moral obligation' to help its abuse victims, says ex-pupil who was drugged and sexually assaulted by teacher in 1980s at prep school linked to Prince Charles' alma materGordonstoun should set up tr...

Ex-pupil beat up 10 schoolboys because of memories of being bullied

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Ex-pupil, 19, [object Window] 10 boys at random outside secondary school because he was haunted by memories of being bullied thereRian Power, 19, aangeval 10 boys outside Wardle Academy in Greater Manchester The former pupil...

Teacher who married ex-pupil and had children with her is facing probe

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Religious teacher, 49, who married ex-pupil, 23, and had two children with her is facing probe over claims they had 'inappropriate relationship' while at schoolGavin Dunsmuir accused of dating Megan Reid while workin...