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Manchester bomber gave imam ‘hateful looksermon denouncing extremism

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Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi gave a 'hateful look' to imam after he gave Didsbury mosque sermon which denounced extremism, inquiry hearsSalman Abedi killed himself and 22 innocent people at the concer...

Harlow, Luton and Bolton among 52 areas facing far-right extremism

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Harlow, Great Yarmouth and Barking and Dagenham are among 52 authorities at risk from far-right extremism, anti-racist group warnsHope not Hate, an advocacy group, have analysed areas most affected by Covid Economic ...

Biden uses National Prayer Breakfast to call out ‘political extremism

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Joe Biden uses National Prayer Breakfast to call to confront and defeat 'political extremism and white supremacy' - and Donald Trump is only ex-president not to take part in event Biden addresses annual event, watter ...