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Man who faked his own death and was nabbed in UK is on the run again

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EKSKLUSIEF: Uitgevang. Weereens: 'Evil' American fugitive, 34, is arrested in Scotland after skipping his extradition hearing for fraud and sex crimesNicholas Alahverdian, 34, was nabbed by police in Scotland on Thursday af...

Shamima Begum ‘faked sadnessfor cameras, says body language expert

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ISIS bride Shamima Begum 'faked sadness' at being stripped of her of UK citizenship - with tiny gestures including eye-blocking and an arched mouth giving away her REAL feelings, body language expert claimsBegum, now...

Vrou, 38, says mother with Munchausen’s faked ME and Parkinson’s

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Vrou, 38, whose mother with Munchausen's faked Parkinson's and ME recalls her mum being 'completely better' on US holiday when she was 16, only to return to being 'wheelchair-bound' the moment she got homeHelen Nayl...

Woman reveals mother ‘faked illnessbecause of Munchausen syndrome

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Vrou, 38, reveals her childhood was 'stolen' by mother with Munchausen's who faked ME and Parkinson's and left her to care for herself - and only found out after reading her diaries after she diedHelen Naylor, 38, f ...

Migrant faked diabetic coma then claimed political asylum in Majorca

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Migrant faked diabetic coma then claimed political asylum when he got to hospital while 15 of his friends who jumped from plane and ran away when it made emergency landing in Majorca are still on the runFlight was di...

Marvel director stops work after learning editor faked being Japanese

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Marvel director QUITS after learning the comic book powerhouse's editor-in-chief 'once pretended to be Japanese to further his career'Steven DeKnight says he is done working with Marvel Comics upon learning that Edit...

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd ‘faked sadness and remorse

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Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd's 'dry sniffs' and lack of eyebrow movement reveal how he 'faked sadness and remorse' in police interview after crash that killed Charlotte Brown, 24, body language expert claimsJack Sh...

British man with Covid-19 faces Polish jail over ‘faked test

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British man with Covid-19 faces eight years in a Polish jail after ‘trying to leave the country with a faked test certificate’The 39-year-old man was detained by border guards trying to fly to Nottingham Officials di...

UK Athletics probe GB runner after ‘faked Covid test’ eis

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UK Athletics launches probe after GB runner Andy Butchart 'claimed he faked a negative Covid test' to fly back to Britain after competing in US eventLong-distance runner Andy Butchart, 29, said he had faked a test in...

Woman FAKED her own wedding to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend

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Gang kry hom terug! Besigheidstudent, 24, reveals she FAKED a wedding to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and even hired an actor to play the groomSarah Vilard, 24, from Frankfurt, Duitsland, split from her ex-boyfriend...

Beatles memorabilia prices might be ‘cut after stars FAKED autographs

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The Beatles memorabilia worth millions could be at risk of losing value as it emerges the band would FORGE each other's autographs The Beatles memorabilia reportedly valued at 'millions of pounds' might see its price...

Antiek Roadshow-skildery deur 'mees vervalste kunstenaar’ ter waarde van £ 80K

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Antiek Roadshow-kykers verstom as 'n ware skildery deur een van Brittanje se 'mees vervalsde kunstenaars' L.S. Lowry word op £ 80,000 gewaardeer - nadat sy eienaar £ 1 300 betaal het. Die portret wat Sondagaand in Stonor verfilm is..

Scheming care home worker, 54, faked terminal breast cancer

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Scheming care home worker, 54, faked terminal breast cancer to fool work colleagues out of £1,300 to help pay for her weddingJulie Parker falsely claimed she had months to live with terminal breast cancer She then r...

Parkland families demand Taylor Greene resign for saying it was faked

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'Parkland was a false flag shooting': Families of Florida school massacre victims demand GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene resign for promoting conspiracy theory it never happenedQAnon-supporting Georgia congr...

Alec Baldwin doubles down on defense of Hilaria’s ‘fakedSpanish ties

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Alec Baldwin doubles down on his defense of wife Hilaria in 'faked' heritage scandal and says she 'lived in Spain for many years as a child' as her talent agency removes ALL mention of her being born in MajorcaAlec B...

Hilaria Baldwin addresses accusations she was ‘fakedSpanish heritage

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Hilaria Baldwin clarifies her real name is Hillary and she was born in Boston after accusations she was 'faking' Spanish heritage: 'Ja, I am a white girl' After a slew of accusations she 'faked' her Spanish heritage...

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