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Father left for dead by feral youths in attack ‘asking for directions

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Father-of-two company director, 49, was beaten in the street in broad daylight and left for dead in horror attack after 'asking for directions'Shaun Mollon, 49, was asking for directions to his hotel when violence exp...

Father whose bulldog savaged a policewoman is banned from owning dogs

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Man whose bulldog savaged a policewoman as she tried to help him when he lay drunk in a road is banned from owning dogsBodeane Rostron was lying in the road in Bolton when PC Murphy spotted him One of Rostron's bulldo...

Trump joked his ex got her ‘intelligencefrom white father

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Trump joked his model girlfriend Kara Young got her 'beauty' from her black mother and 'intelligence' from white father and assumed staffers of color were WAITERS at White House meeting, new book claimsTrump remarked ...

Maisie Williams discusses ‘traumaticrelationship with her father

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'It really consumed a lot of my childhood': Maisie Williams, 25, breaks down in tears as she discusses her 'traumatic' relationship with estranged fatherMaisie Williams broke down in tears as she emotionally discussed...

Father jailed for 18 years for murdering his daughter, 19, with car

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Father who murdered his 19-year-old daughter by running her over with his car twice before ringing his estranged wife to taunt 'I will bring your daughter over, she's dead' is jailed for 18 yearsNigel Malt, 45, repeat...

Father burns his 12-year-old son to death for not doing his homework

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Father burns his 12-year-old son to death for not doing his homeworkShaheer Khan sustained severe burns on September 14 and died two days later Father Nazir poured kerosene on him and lit a match to scare him into wo...

Molly Russell’s father heads to inquest after five-year wait

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Molly Russell's father heads to inquest as his five-year wait for answers is finally set to come to an end with hearing to examine if social media algorithms contributed to his 14-year-old daughter's suicideMolly know...

British father killed by landmine while rescuing soldiers in Ukraine

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British father-of-two is killed by landmine while trying to rescue injured soldiers he was fighting alongside in UkraineViktor Yatsunyk, 44, who was born in Ukraine returned to defend his country He was killed in a la...