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Dave Chappelle ‘upsetarmed attacker isn’t facing felony charge

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Dave Chappelle is 'upset' his armed attacker isn't facing felony charge: Suspect could get 18 months in jail after being charged with misdemeanorComedian Dave Chappelle is unhappy that the man who was arrested for ru...

Woke LA DA sal nie Dave Chappelle se aanvaller van 'n misdryf aankla nie

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BREKENDE NUUS: Wake Los Angeles DA sal nie klagte van misdrywe teen Dave Chappelle se aanvaller voer nie, alhoewel hy die LA County DA dra George Gascon voer nie aanklagte teen Isaiah Lee aan nie, die 23-jarige wat....

Ivey signs bill making gender-altering healthcare for children FELONY

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'If the Good Lord made you a boy, you are a boy': Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs bill making it a FELONY for doctors to give children medication to alter their gender just 24 hours after Jen Psaki attacked Republican st...

'QAnon Shaman’ pleit skuldig op 'n misdryf weens die oproer in Capitol

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'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley faces up to FIVE YEARS in jail after he pleads guilty to one obstruction charge over Capitol riot: Attorney says he now disavows conspiracy theoriesChansley, 33, on Friday pleaded guilty...