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Female prison officer, 25, ‘had romantic fling with inmatecourt told

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Female prison officer, 25, 'had romantic fling with inmate and smuggled him mobile phone, ladies' underwear and designer clothes'Rachel Martin, 25, was accused of having a romantic relationship with an inmate Court he...

Pocket dynamo set to become Italy’s first female Prime Minister

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Pocket dynamo set to become Italy's first female Prime Minister: She is loathed by the Left, but Giorgia Meloni's tough line on immigration has made her favourite to lead a new Right-wing coalition in Rome She bounces...

Giorgia Meloni: Right-wing firebrand set to be Italy’s first female PM

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The firebrand mother-of-one who is tipped to become Italy's first ever female Prime Minister and its first far-right leader since MUSSOLINI: Giorgia Meloni, 45, to clinch victory after winning over public with campaig...

Female teacher punched in face trying to break up brutal fight

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Shocking moment female teacher is punched hard in the face while trying to break up brutal classroom fight between two boys at Louisiana high schoolThe fight broke out between two students on Friday afternoon at Chalm...