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GEOPENBAAR: Thorpe could lose his job after filming leaked footage

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GEOPENBAAR: Coach Graham Thorpe could lose his job after it emerged HE filmed England's humiliated Ashes stars being KICKED OUT of a hotel bar at 6am after 'loudly' drinking all night with the Australia team who thrash...

Car Tesla used to show Autopilot in commercial crashed during filming

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GEOPENBAAR: Car used by Tesla to demonstrate its Autopilot in 2016 commercial had smashed into a barrier during filmingA car used to show off Tesla's then-new Autopilot 2.0 system in 2016 crashed while filming a commer...

Steve Coogan kisses Princess Diana’s hand during filming for BBC drama

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Steve Coogan bears an uncanny resemblance to paedophile Jimmy Savile as he kisses Princess Diana's hand during recreation of royals' 1983 hospital visit for BBC series The ReckoningThe royals' visit came two years in...

The Crown’s Princess Diana actor Elizabeth Debicki continues filming

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The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki sports Princess Diana's signature locks as she continues filming alongside Mohamed Al Fayed actor Salim Daw at one of the late royal's favourite London restaurants Launceston PlaceThe Cr...

The Crown's Dominic West spoeg beeld van Charles tydens verfilming

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The Crown's Dominic West is die spoegbeeld van prins Charles terwyl hy sy maniertjies weerspieël wanneer 'n besoek aan 'n Prince's Trust-gemeenskapsentrum in die suide van Londen, Dominic West, die rol van prins Ch. oorneem..

Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper confirms filming is ‘well underway

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Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper confirms filming for series 2 is 'well underway' and says he is 'enjoying every minute of it' Kaleb Cooper has confirmed filming for series two of Clarkson's Farm is now 'well underw...

Man wat op kamera vasgevang is waar hy homself verfilm waar hy vrou seksueel aanrand

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Man word op kamera vasgevang terwyl hy homself verfilm wat vrou seksueel aanrand in Wes-Londen voordat hy CCTV-beeldmateriaal in Southall weghardloop, Wes-Londen betrap jong man wat 'n vrou aanrand Hy verfilm homself wat noukeurig volg...

Jason Momoa, 42, ‘has contracted Covid-19while filming Aquaman

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Jason Momoa, 42, 'has contracted Covid-19' while filming the Aquaman sequel in the UK and is now isolatingThe Hollywood actor has reportedly caught Covid-19 while working in the UK Film bosses for Aquaman and the Los...

Die geheime verfilmingsplekke van Larkins onthul

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Die Larkins se geheime verfilmingsplekke onthul: Oulike Kent-gehuggie wat gebruik is om die Darling Buds of May-herverwerking te skiet, het 'n pragtige plaashuis, dorpswinkel, kroeg en kerkUnderriver, drie myl suidoos van Sevenoaks, ...

Russian moviemakers return to Earth after 12 days spent filming on ISS

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That's a wrap! Russian actress and film director end 12 days on International Space Station by returning to Earth after shooting scenes for first movie filmed in orbitActress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko...

Elizabeth Debicki transforms into Princess Diana for The Crown filming

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PRENTE EKSKLUSIEF: The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki transforms into Princess Diana as she is joined by child actors Timothee Sambor and Teddy Hawley who play Princes William and Harry while filming series five in Spain ...

Live-in nanny sues Staten Island father for secretly filming her

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Live-in nanny sues her New York boss and father-of-four for 'filming her in secret with video camera hidden in smoke detector' hundreds of timesColombian-born au pair Kelly Andrade, 25, has filed a lawsuit against bo...

Indiana Jones filming ‘is in jeopardy once again

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Indiana Jones filming 'is in jeopardy once again as up to 50 people are sent home after norovirus outbreak'Filming for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie is in 'jeopardy' following an outbreak of norovirus Norovirus is...

Tom Cruise parachutes from a helicopter filming Mission Impossible 7

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Tom Cruise is every inch the daredevil as he parachutes from a helicopter over the Lake District FOUR TIMES during filming for Mission Impossible 7The actor, 59, has faced numerous delays to production of the spy fil...

Bridgerton filming resumes after third halt amid Covid fears

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Hold-ups on set? It's just water under the Bridgerton! Filming on new series of hit show resumes after third halt in production amid Covid fears Filming on the second series of Bridgerton resumed yesterday after halt...

Covid worker sacked after filming himself URINATING in soap dispenser

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EKSKLUSIEF: Covid worker is sacked after filming himself URINATING in soap dispenser at primary school used as test centreDisgusting footage shows agency staffer urinating into nearly empty soap bottle Incident happen...

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