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Queen’s final knight composer John Williams to be honoured

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How Queen’s final knight will be Sir Star Wars: Composer John Williams to be honoured after creating music for countless blockbuster filmsStar Wars composer John Williams has been awarded an honorary knighthood It was...

The simple yet poignant inscription for Queen’s final resting place

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Revealed: The simple inscription on the marble slab marking the Queen and Prince Philip's final resting place at Windsor's St George's Chapel - which the public will be able to view from next week during £28.50 castle...

Hero pallbearers also helped move Queen into her final resting place

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Hero pallbearers' final unseen mission revealed: Ten-man Grenadier Guard party ended epic 12-hour shift by heading deep into the vaults under St George’s Chapel to move Her Majesty into her final resting placeThe team...

Queen’s coffin is taken past Buckingham Palace for the final time

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Queen's last march past Buckingham Palace: Poignant moment Her Majesty's body passes her home for final time as King Charles and royals follow in sombre processionQueen's coffin was taken clockwise around Victoria Mem...