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Wild monkeys ‘are disease SUPERSPREADERS’, study finds

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Wild monkeys that live in large groups near humans are disease 'superspreaders' - and the most sociable animals should be VACCINATED, study claimsScientists mapped how diseases spread among wildlife populations When w...

DAVID LEAFE finds fracking supporters in Lancashire despite BBC claims

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After the BBC claimed that residents in Lancashire – where shale gas could spark an economic boom – don’t want fracking, DAVID LEAFE went to Blackpool and heard a different story...Locals say out-of-town activists had...

Study finds people who eat eggs five times a week are ‘healthier

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An egg a day might keep the flab at bay! Study finds people who eat eggs five times a week are slimmerSpanish study shows people who eat eggs at least five times a week are less fat Researchers compared eating habits...

Statins ‘could treat prostate cancer’, trial finds

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Statins 'could treat prostate cancer': Cholesterol-busting drugs starve stubborn tumours, first of its kind trial finds11 out of 12 prostate cancer patients saw their tumour growth slow after statins This indicated th...

Brit ‘finds world’s worst toiletwhere the walls double as loo roll

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'Phileas Bog' Brit blogger, 58, who spent £150K travelling 75,000 miles says he's found the world's worst public toilet... a ramshackle 5ft tent in Tajikistan where the fabric walls are used as loo rollTravel blogger ...

Men with big penises are seen as more extroverted, study finds

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What your PENIS says about you: Men with big members and trimmed pubic hair are seen as more extroverted and open to new experiences – while those with smaller ones are perceived as more neuroticParticipants saw photo...

Early and longer sleep linked to increased dementia risk, study finds

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Staying up late and getting LESS than eight hours of sleep decreases dementia risk, scientists say: Going to bed earlier and sleeping for longer can be bad for brain healthElderly people who go to bed early and sleep ...

School uniforms are abundant in toxic ‘foreverchemicals, study finds

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Beware of... school uniforms! Study discovers they are abundant in toxic 'forever' chemicals which are linked to cancer and infertilityExperts testing clothes found school uniforms are rife with 'forever chemicals' Ca...

Widow finds husband’s grave after returning to Ukrainian city

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Agony as widow finds husband's makeshift grave after returning to Ukrainian city for first time since he was killed in early days of Russian invasionLyudmila Trekushenko is seen breaking down at her husband’s makeshif...