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Can you work out which Prosecco flute would be filled up first?

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Which glass will be filled first? Tricky brainteaser challenges YOU to work out the fastest route from bottle to flute - and there's a 45-second record to beatIllustration was created by personalised online gift reta...

Musician has $13k flute returned to her nine years later

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Il musicista si riunisce $13,000 flute NINE YEARS after she left it in a cab - when the driver took it to a store to have it appraised and staff grew suspiciousThe Boston Police Department shared in a Thursday press...

The Magic Flute review: Some beautifully staged Mozart

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This double cast production is far from sold out and if you fancy some beautifully staged Mozart, The Magic Flute could be one for you The Magic Flute Royal Opera House, Londra ...