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Salute to Mail Force heroes: UK’s health chiefs hail £11m PPE crusade

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A salute to Mail Force heroes: UK's top health chiefs hail £11m PPE crusade... as dozens of healthcare workers say the charity drive helped save livesFrom a standing start, the charity – set up by the Daily Mail and ...

Border Force prevede di lanciare una flotta di moto d'acqua da 55 mph

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Border Force plans to launch fleet of 55mph jet-skis costing £20,000 each to patrol the Channel and deter migrant boat gangsBorder Force now wants to add four Sea Doo jet-skis to help patrol the Channel Record number...

Top honour for YOUR £11m Mail Force crusade

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Top honour for £11m Mail Force crusade: Inspirational campaign to provide PPE to frontline workers during Covid-19 pandemic scoops prestigious awardMail Force raised £11.7 million and secured 42 million items of lif...

Internet posts memes over unveiling of Space Force ‘Guardians

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First they steal the Star Trek logo and now they rip off Marvel! Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn wonders ‘if he can sue’ after VP Mike Pence announces Space Force members will be called Guardians as socia...

Border Force rescue migrants making New Year’s Eve Channel crossing

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Last ditch dash for Britain's shores: Border Force catch migrants making desperate Channel crossing in freezing winds on day UK's transition period endsPictures show migrants being taken ashore in Dover after being i...

Women force plane to deboard after refusing to wear masks

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'Have a good day, n****r': MAGA-hat wearing women force entire plane to deboard after refusing to wear masks during their Frontier Airlines flightVideo was posted to TikTok of an incident onboard a Frontier Airlines ...

Police force blasted for ‘wastingmoney on £74,000 diversity role

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West Midlands Police is blasted for 'wasting' money on 'pointless' roles after seeking to hire £74,000-a-year diversity chief with brief to improve force's 'inclusive culture'New recruit will 'oversee improved inclus...

La polizia vuole forzare l'ingresso nelle case di sospetti trasgressori

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Stato di polizia del Regno Unito: Il commissario per la criminalità chiede una modifica della legge per consentire agli agenti di forzare l'ingresso nelle case di sospetti violatori delle regole mentre Scotland Yard dice ai poliziotti di "emettere multe più rapidamente"..

‘StupidCovid rules force motorists to wear a mask alone in the car

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'Epitome of stupid': Brisbane residents slam Covid rules forcing motorists to wear a face mask while driving even if they're alone in the car - as a man is arrested for refusing to cover upBrisbane backlash against '...

Border Force stops boat with up to 35 migrants off Sussex coast

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Border Force stops boat in ferrying up to 35 migrants towards Sussex coast - the second Channel dash made since UK officially left EU on New Year's DayBoat believed to be carrying 35 migrants including 5 children was...

Border Force invia una barca per fermare i migranti che attraversano la Manica

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Border Force invia una barca per fermare i migranti che attraversano la Manica 160 arrived over weekendA number of children are believed to have been among migrants on Saturday Police and immigration ...

Public could force councils to sell off vacant land and buildings

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Public could force councils to sell off vacant land and buildings under proposed 'right to regenerate' law'Right to regenerate’ proposals to be announced by the Housing Secretary today Robert Jenrick will unveil plan...

Border Force detain 36 migrants trying to cross the Channel

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Border Force detain 36 migrants trying to cross the Channel bringing the total this year to more than 200 dopo 8,417 arrived in 2020Home Office spokesman said migrants were stopped on Saturday A further 27 migranti ...

Care homes ask lawyers whether they can force staff to have Covid jabs

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Care homes take legal advice over whether they can force reluctant staff to have Covid vaccinations as up to 120,000 refuseNational Care Association sought legal advice as staff refuse the vaccination Just 41 per c...

Army doctor tried to leave force rather than move to England

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Senior army doctor on £120,000 a year was so aghast at being asked to move from Scotland to England he tried to leave the military 'before fraudulently booking flights home'Lt Col Chris Baird-Clarke, 46, lived with h...

Hospital’s Covid rules force couple to take turns to see ill daughter

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Couple are forced to take turns to see their severely ill baby due to hospital Covid rules which ban them from visiting their four-month-old daughter togetherReagan Lewis and Mitch Smith want to sit together with ill...