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US Air Force indagando sui resti umani trovati nel pozzo della ruota del C-17

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L'aeronautica americana sta indagando dopo che i resti umani sono stati trovati nel vano ruota dell'aereo C-17 che ha lasciato Kabul con sciami di afghani aggrappati ad esso nel disperato tentativo di fuggire dai talebani che si ritiene siano quelli...

Space Force unveils new uniforms which look like those on sci-fi TV

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Space Force unveils new dress uniforms - and they are immediately compared to those worn by sci-fi military in Battlestar GalacticaThe US Space Force has unveiled their latest prototype for servicemembers' dress unif...

Camionista, 41, spara alla moglie del sergente dell'aeronautica militare, 36, e se stesso

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Camionista, 41, uccide sua moglie sergente dell'aeronautica, 36, then turns the gun on himself in murder-suicide leaving behind their three kidsTimothy Price, 41, ucciso sua moglie Katherine Price, 36, on Tuesday morn...

US Air Force drone washes ashore on Florida beach

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20ft US Air Force drone washes ashore on Florida beach after being shot down in target practiceA military drone washed ashore at Ocean Hammock Park, Florida on Friday Air Force officials confirmed the BQM-167A drone...

US Air Force crams 800 onto C-17 jet from Kabul as Taliban takes over

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'How many on board? Holy cow': US Air Force crams 800 evacuees onto C-17 jet out of Kabul - EIGHT TIMES the normal capacityThe RCH 871 took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport on Sunday for Qatar with 800 peo...

Border Force intercept 23 migrants making Channel crossing in dinghies

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Intercetta le forze di frontiera 23 migrants making Channel crossing in two dinghies as total to make dangerous journey in 2021 raggiunge 1,464 - almost treble the total for same period last year23 migrants arrive at Dover toda...

Air Force plans to transport cargo by rocket anywhere in one hour

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Deliver anywhere in the world in ONE HOUR. USAF and Elon Musk’s plans to transport cargo by rocket revealed in air force budgetThe Air Force wants to carry out test for the Rocket Cargo program by next year It reques...

Jill Biden gets a COMIC as she becomes part of ‘female force’ serie

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Jill Biden gets her first COMIC: First Lady will become part of 'female force' series alongside Michelle Obama and Kamala HarrisFirst Lady Jill Biden will get a biographic comic book in the 'Female Force' series The...

Space Force Commander fired over Marxist comments speaks out

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Space Force Commander fired for slamming Critical Race Theory being taught across the military says it's 'antithetical to American values' and claims he's received 'thousands' of messages of support Lt Col. Matthew L...

Piers Morgan: Trump pensava che la chiamata falsa all'Air Force One fosse "esilarante’

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'Ha pensato che l'intera faccenda fosse divertente': Piers Morgan rivela come un Trump 'ottimista' abbia riso di essere stato preso in giro da un chiamante falso che lo ha impersonato ed è stato messo in contatto con l'Air Force One solo nove giorni prima dell'el ...

‘StupidCovid rules force motorists to wear a mask alone in the car

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'Epitome of stupid': Brisbane residents slam Covid rules forcing motorists to wear a face mask while driving even if they're alone in the car - as a man is arrested for refusing to cover upBrisbane backlash against '...

Deadly wildfires in Greece and Turkey force thousands to flee

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Deadly wildfires in Greece and Turkey force thousands of people to flee their homes as relentless heatwave continues to spark new blazes which threaten historic Olympia and Athens200 firefighters, 50 fire trucks, six...

Border Force catch 180 migrants trying to cross Channel in three days

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Border Force catch 180 migrants trying to cross Channel in three days as shameless people smugglers use improving weather to their advantage - con 2,515 detained so far this yearBorder Force officials have detained ...

La polizia vuole forzare l'ingresso nelle case di sospetti trasgressori

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Stato di polizia del Regno Unito: Il commissario per la criminalità chiede una modifica della legge per consentire agli agenti di forzare l'ingresso nelle case di sospetti violatori delle regole mentre Scotland Yard dice ai poliziotti di "emettere multe più rapidamente"..

Priti Patel will overhaul Border Force with new supremo

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Priti Patel will overhaul Border Force with new supremo in charge of stopping Channel crossings and overhauling 'broken' asylum systemHome Secretary Priti Patel will unveil proposed new laws next week A new supremo i...

Police force blasted for ‘wastingmoney on £74,000 diversity role

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West Midlands Police is blasted for 'wasting' money on 'pointless' roles after seeking to hire £74,000-a-year diversity chief with brief to improve force's 'inclusive culture'New recruit will 'oversee improved inclus...