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The Holiday Guru answers travellersquestions about visiting France

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With Macron saying 'NON' to UK tourists (even boosted ones), the Holiday Guru has been busy answering travellers' questions about visiting France France has banned tourists from the UK from entering unless they have ...

Spectator who caused massive Tour de France pile-up is fined £1,000

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Spectator who caused Tour de France's biggest ever pile-up when she held up a sign saying 'granny and grandad' is fined £1,000 despite organisers withdrawing their complaintThe French woman, 31, avoided a suspended s...

France savages Boris Johnson’s demand for migrants to be sent back

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France continues to fume that Boris Johnson published Channel crisis letter to Macron on Twitter as minister calls it a 'mockery' and claims PM's demand to return migrants 'exonerates UK of all responsibility'Interio...

Father of first victim of Channel tragedy slams France

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'The French government must stop these butchers': Father of channel migrant victim's fury as Calais cops fail to charge ANYONE over deaths of 27 - as ministers double down on Boris's letter that was snubbed by 'petul...

Frankryk KANSELLEER vergadering met die Verenigde Koninkryk in die nasleep van sterftes van 27 migrante

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Frankryk KANSELLEER vergadering met Priti Patel in die nasleep van sterftes van 27 migrante weens 'onaanvaarbare' brief van Boris Johnson wat vyf sleuteleise bevat om tragedies in Channel te beëindig Boris Johnson het 'n vyfpunt-bladsy gepubliseer..

EU sets UK a December 10 deadline to resolve fishing row with France

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French fishing ultimatum as EU sets Britain a December 10 deadline to solve issues over post-Brexit licences for small boats after Emmanuel Macron is snubbed by Belgium after calling for support in row with UKEuropea...

France says it’s acting at last on Channel crossings

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The migrant Maginot Line: France says it's acting at last on Channel crossings... but will just 100 vehicles patrolling 100 miles of coast be enough to stem the tide?Macron's government last night pledged its securit...

France finally cracks down on migrant smuggling

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France finally cracks down on migrant smuggling as 15 gang members are rounded up for charging hundreds of refugees £5,000 each to cross Channel to Britain in packed boats15 gang members arrested for charging migrant...

Miss France contestants are told not to overdo filters

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Miss France contestants are told to STOP overdoing filters or risk disappointing viewers after fans 'noticed major differences' between social media snaps and official photosMiss France fans were left 'disappointed' ...

France ‘REJECTS British offer to patrol their beaches

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France 'REJECTS British offer to patrol their beaches for them over concerns it would breach sovereignty' – but talks continue over joint sea patrols in the ChannelFrance has rejected British offer to patrol its beac...

Koop teen minder as halfprys op 'n feestelike inkopietog na Frankryk

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O, die vrolikheid van belastingvry: Nou is ons uit die EU, jy kan teen minder as halfprys koop op 'n feestelike inkopiereis na Frankryk. Britte kon belasting terug eis van tot 20% op die meeste persoonlike aankope in Frankryk s...

France ‘will back downin fishing row because President wants a truce

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Emmanuel Macron is on le hook! France 'will back down' in fishing row because President wants a truce to preserve close ties on defenceFrance has decided to back down in the fishing row with the UK, it has emerged Pa...

France ‘FINALLY releasing seized British trawleramid climbdown

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France is FINALLY set to release seized British trawler as ministers hail Macron 'stepping back' from deadline to retaliate in bitter fishing row - with claims EU support dried upEmmanuel Macron has dropped threat to...

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss dismisses France fishing threats

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'Stop threatening us!' Foreign Secretary Liz Truss dismisses France's deadline of TOMORROW for Britain to back down in fishing row warning ministers are ready to retaliate - as she jibes that Macron is just trolling ...

France demands £125,000 ‘ransomto release British fishing trawler

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France demands £125,000 'ransom' to release British fishing trawler impounded in Le Havre portScottish-registered the Cornelis Gert Jan is accused of not having a valid licence Its unnamed skipper has been charged wi...

Lord Frost hits back in fishing row with France

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Lord Frost vows to disrupt ALL EU fishing activity in British waters if France goes ahead with its threat to ban UK boats from French ports as he warns Paris it is on course to breach the Brexit dealLord Frost told t...

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