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Gaping 300ft-long crevasse splits Jurassic Coast clifftop in two

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Gaping 300ft-long crevasse splits Jurassic Coast clifftop in two amid warnings thousands of tonnes of earth atop the Dorset coastline will give way at any momentGaping 300ft-long crevasse split a sandstone cliff in t...

Daredevil squeals as he rides 190ft-long helter skelter in Azerbaijan

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Scream if you want to go faster! Daredevil lets out terrified squeals as he hurtles down a five-storey slide in Azerbaijan mallFootage shows man hurtling down 190ft (58.3m) long slide in Deniz Mall, Baku The slide s...

‘Near-perfectshoulder blade of a 29ft-long dinosaur in Japan

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'Near-perfect' shoulder blade of a 29-foot-long dinosaur that lived some 81 million years ago is unearthed on beach in JapanA 2-foot-long fossilized bone discovered in Japan has been identified as the shoulder blade ...

The 442ft-long superyacht designed to mimic an idyllic island resort

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Op die foto: The stunning 442ft-long superyacht designed to mimic an 'idyllic island resort', with a star-gazing observatory, cinema and helipad among the highlightsThe concept design for the yacht has been revealed by ...

Two-bedroom 86 ft-long houseboat goes on the market for £550,000

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Two-bedroom 86 ft-long houseboat complete with its own SAUNA and en-suite bathrooms goes on the market for £550,000Newly-built two-bedroom houseboat, dubbed 'Nicella', measures a staggering 86 voete, valued at £550,00...

Iceland’s Sky Lagoon with a 246ft-long infinity edge is now open

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Iceland's incredible 246ft-long geothermal ocean-side 'infinity edge' wellness lagoon is now open (with volcano views)The Sky Lagoon is located at Karsnes Harbour, just a few minutes' drive from Reykjavík's city cent...

Blood pours from snake-handler’s eyebrow after 3ft-long python strikes

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Blood pours from a snake-handler's eyebrow after a 3ft-long python sinks its fangs into his faceSnake wrangler Nick Bishop, 32, from Los Angeles is bitten by three-foot python In the video Mr Bishop ignores the Burm...