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Un crepaccio spalancato lungo 300 piedi divide in due la scogliera della Jurassic Coast

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Un crepaccio spalancato lungo 300 piedi divide in due la cima della scogliera della Jurassic Coast tra gli avvertimenti che migliaia di tonnellate di terra in cima alla costa del Dorset cederanno in qualsiasi momento.

Daredevil strilla mentre cavalca alla rinfusa per 190 piedi in Azerbaigian

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Urla se vuoi andare più veloce! Daredevil lets out terrified squeals as he hurtles down a five-storey slide in Azerbaijan mallFootage shows man hurtling down 190ft (58.3m) lungo scivolo a Deniz Mall, Baku The slide s...

‘Near-perfectshoulder blade of a 29ft-long dinosaur in Japan

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'Near-perfect' shoulder blade of a 29-foot-long dinosaur that lived some 81 million years ago is unearthed on beach in JapanA 2-foot-long fossilized bone discovered in Japan has been identified as the shoulder blade ...

The 442ft-long superyacht designed to mimic an idyllic island resort

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Nella foto: The stunning 442ft-long superyacht designed to mimic an 'idyllic island resort', with a star-gazing observatory, cinema and helipad among the highlightsThe concept design for the yacht has been revealed by ...

Two-bedroom 86 ft-long houseboat goes on the market for £550,000

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Two-bedroom 86 ft-long houseboat complete with its own SAUNA and en-suite bathrooms goes on the market for £550,000Newly-built two-bedroom houseboat, dubbed 'Nicella', measures a staggering 86 piedi, valued at £550,00...

Iceland’s Sky Lagoon with a 246ft-long infinity edge is now open

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Iceland's incredible 246ft-long geothermal ocean-side 'infinity edge' wellness lagoon is now open (with volcano views)The Sky Lagoon is located at Karsnes Harbour, just a few minutes' drive from Reykjavík's city cent...

Blood pours from snake-handler’s eyebrow after 3ft-long python strikes

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Blood pours from a snake-handler's eyebrow after a 3ft-long python sinks its fangs into his faceSnake wrangler Nick Bishop, 32, from Los Angeles is bitten by three-foot python In the video Mr Bishop ignores the Burm...